How to End Islamic Terrorism.

The solution is very simple, it merely requires testicular fortitude and an understand of the goal of all Muslims.


Now, you might think this is a extremist or radical suggestion. But really, is it? Islam literally means submission, every single Muslim is commanded by Mohammad in the Quran to wage Jihad until the entire earth is brought under Islamic subjugation. If you are not a Jew or Christian, Muslims are commanded to offer you the choice of converting to Islam, or dying. If you are a Jew or Christian, Muslims are commanded to offer you the choice of converting or submitting to Islam and becoming a second class citizen known as a dhimmi and paying a dhimmi tax known as the jizya.

You say… But what about the moderate Muslims or the peaceful Muslims. I say this to you. In every army, only 10% are in actual combat positions. The rest of the army is logistics and support. There are no moderate or peaceful Muslims, there are Islams combat troops (The extremist terrorists) and the logistics and support personal, which is the entire rest of Islam.

You cannot coexist peacefully with anyone, if that anyone genuinely believes that their obligation to their god is to conquer you and force you to submit to them as their slave. Muslims are proud of saying “We will defeat you, because you love life, and we love death”. It is a fatal mistake to believe that that is hyperbolic rhetoric. Islam has proven over and over for the last 1400 years that it is not braggadocio.

Until Islam has drained the very last dredges from the cup of death and destruction and can no longer stomach its taste, it will continue killing every and anyone who refuses to submit. Only when Muslims have had so much death and destruction forced upon them that they can no longer stand it, will there be peace with Islam.


20 thoughts on “How to End Islamic Terrorism.

    • I wouldn’t worry about the modulator, SpongePuppys cousin Sparky repossessed it claiming he needed to fix his broken retroturboencabulator. He still hasn’t figured out exactly what a retroturboencabulator does, but he is certain that he needs one.

  1. An old fantasy of mine: Don’t drop bombs. Instead, bury the bombs underneath. Set them up so that any attempt to mover them etc will
    result in detonation. Behave and theres nothing to worry about.
    Of course once discovered, they will do same to us )if possible) but discovery of any attempt to do so will also result in detonation.
    I know, its kind of similar to the 50s sci/fi flick ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (not claiming originality here).

  2. I wandered over here to see if there were any complimentary munchies to snack on. Perhaps a sample of one of your famous receipts?

    Turtle food gets boring ya know. Need something to freshen up the Ole palate.

  3. I behooved myself to come over here are read another fine article by Mr. Dorian Grey; and I must say without creating a run-on sentence or getting writers to block that he really must Windex his mirrors because they reflect everything purfectly.

    Anyhow these Muslims have a huge PR on account of the fact that there pseudo religion is a guise to kill people they hate which is pretty much everyone.

      • Hey that sounds like a plan. We trick them into killing each other.
        “Hey Salid, Ahkbar said your mother looks like a goat.”

        ps: she really does look like a goat but Ahkbar said it and Salid will want to kill him after humping his own pet goat. Then Salids brother will want to kill Ahkbar. Then Mohammed will want to kill the other guy named Mohammed but accidentally kills the wrong Mohammed so now Mohammed’s friend who is also named Mohammed will want to kill the first Mohammed and then you have a freaking happy Jihad on your hands. Haha haha Haha

  4. You just want to h-bomb Mecca? Now, that would be a huge mistake as Muslims will say: “Allah spared Medina, the hometown of Mohammed!”
    We should nuke Medina as well, at the same time.

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