A few simple thoughts on the repeal of Obamacare.

I am a supporter of President Donald Trump. I do not want anyone to be mistaken on this. However, after decades of betrayal at the hands of the GOP Establishment Marxist Elite, I simply am unable to blindly trust that they have or ever will do anything that is in the United States of America’s best interest unless they can personally make a substantial financial profit by doing so.

As a show of solidarity, I guess that’s pretty cool. The problem I have is that I still do not trust the GOP Establishment Elites. I am not celebrating the repeal of Obamacare until I know what those CONservatives in the GOP Establishment Elite have foisted off on us.

They could have repealed Obamacare 6 years ago, but didn’t. They wanted it every bit as much as their Marxist brethren in the democrat party did. At this point I’m not sure this is anything more than the Marxist Elite in our government trying to save their phony baloney jobs.

Now, with that said.

I was somewhat pleased to hear that…

1) The AHCA stripped Congress of its exemption to the AHCA, requiring them to have the exact same Health Care they intend to foist off on the rest of the Nation (at least until they vote to exempt themselves from it again).

2) Defunded Planned Murderhood.

So, I guess this might be a good start. Its much easier to change the course of a 1969 Cadillac Sedan de Ville when the engine is running and you are behind the wheel, than it is when its out of gas, you’re locked out of it and the emergency brake is on.

Caveat: In the event that the Cadillac in question has already been given the Thelma & Louise treatment and is 400 feet in the air doing 120 mph headed straight for the ground, being put in the drivers seat really is the worst thing that could possibly happen.


2 thoughts on “A few simple thoughts on the repeal of Obamacare.

  1. What we have is a start. I too am not celebrating just yet.

    I have to place my trust in President Trump to do the best he can for We the People.

    President Trump and We the people are up against a criminal cabal in the Globalist Elites and our own Kongress Kritters.

    The election of President Trump was not the End of the War to save America only the first battle. We still have a long ways to go if we are to save this nation.

    One thing to think about. Imagine ilLIARy had won the election. How bad would things be and just how much worse things could get?

    Sometimes it is best to count our blessings and keep moving forward with hope and faith that we can make the difference that will save the last best hope for future Americans and the world.

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