Definitely not SpongePuppy sneaks in and steals the freshly baked bread day.

Hey, hows everybody doing today? Just thought I would pop in and make sure we are all on the same page today. Today is freshly baked Italian bread and homemade stew day. It definitely is not SpongePuppy sneaks in pretending to be searching for the extremely rare and highly elusive Scottish Beer Hens and steals the freshly baked Italian bread and homemade stew and runs off to cozmo’s backyard to eat it all by himself day.

Ok, so Its going to be a few hours before everything finishes cooking… So, if ya’ll don’t mind, please keep an eye out for that sneaky puppy, and give me a heads up if you see him sneaking this way…


Oh, look, freshly baked homemade Italian bread…


And finally the Pickle Soup is ready…. Shhh… Don’t anybody tell SpongePuppy that the Stew is really Pickle Soup… IMG_20170430_170152.jpg


43 thoughts on “Definitely not SpongePuppy sneaks in and steals the freshly baked bread day.

  1. This hackers paradise known as the internet was designed by a bunch of scrote scratchers. It has more holes that a blob of Swiss cheese that was shot my machine gun.

    (I used a food analogy because my boss told me this is a food blog)

  2. What is wrong with goulash, Doriangrey? I could slip a little drop of gypsy potion into your stewpot, my friend. Something to inspire a little Romani Tsygane fire in your heart. You will hear music, the violin, the balalaika, the guitar, and you will dream of dancing beneath a golden gypsy moon.

    • NSA Food Blog Surveillance goulash has been reputed to have been banned in over 65 nations on earth as a highly toxic weapon of mass gastronomical destruction, just sayin…

      • Ah. You see? We’ve reached an understanding already. That’s NSA Food Blog Surveillance goulash, not good Russian gypsy goulash. We add a little wine, maybe some beer, in the goulash and in us, some for me, some for you, some for the NSA Food Blog Surveillance guy, some music, some moonlight, a dash of potion, a pinch of spices…my friend, it’s magic.

        • Oh, yes, it is.

          It will not harm you in any way, but it will change you. Probably forever.

          The first sign is that you will find your NSA suit has become quite uncomfortable, and you will wish to learn the tango.

    • Make them? I don’t make them, I can’t get them to take the dang things off.

      Oh… and it weren’t me that inserted that evil laughter into your data bank… It was Sparky’s cousin SpongePuppy who did it.

      Don’t be mad at him, he was actually trying to upload his complete collection of Debbie Gibson video’s.

      • I come over here to get some new food recipe receipts and hear the latest Debbie Gibson videos you two are arguing about KILTS.

        Well if you would use your Barry White voice those Scottish Beer Hens would take off those kilts and do a dance for you.

        Mrs Potato Head and I do enjoy reading your Daily Bread threads which get wide coverage in the NSA Food Blog Surveillance News Letter which we avidly subscribe to.

        Keep up the good work. (Your bread machine has probly been hacked)

        • Oh, the bread machine was definitely hacked… Took me weeks to hack it. Now it sends receipts to the Weather Channel instead of intelligence reports to the NSA Food Blog Surveillance Data Mine and Goulash Center.

  3. Hey Mr.

    Those are some pretty big pickles you got there.

    Are you sure those aren’t cukes floating around in your faux pickle soup recipe receipt.

    /Cucumber Poaching Detection Agency

    • Hey Mr Cucumber Poaching Detection Agency guy, how do I get a job where I know know as little about Cucumbers and Pickles as you do and still be paid as though I were an expert?

      • All you gots to do is donate a million dollars to the Clinton Fundation. Then you can get a gubermint job for life with a huge pension and free pickles.

        Did I mention the free pickles?

        /Cucumber Poaching Detection Agency Automated Response from Hillary’s Private Server

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