It smells like victory.

There is a low rumbling, its difficult to tell whether it is far off in the distance, or somewhere close. Its something Obi Wan would have described as, “A disturbance in the Force”. It stands right there, halfway between tangible and intangible. Like the briefest of glimpse of something caught out of the corner of your eye. Generations past would have described it as feeling as though “Someone is walking over my grave”.

Article after article is pouring out of the Cultural Marxist apparatchik known as the Mainstream Media. In a metaphorical sense you can see the sheen of panicky perspiration on their foreheads. You can smell the stench of desperation oozing from their every pore as they furiously attempt to create a new narrative that spins or changes the psychic waves overwhelming them.

The Week’s Damon Linker cast his flotsam adrift with this bauble of utter nonsense and claptrap.

The global elite are headed for a fall. And they don’t even know it.

The global elite think they’re sitting pretty. How wrong they are.

Democrats keep telling themselves that Hillary Clinton “really” won the 2016 election (or would have, had it not been for interference by Vladimir Putin and James Comey). Republicans keep patting themselves on the back about how much power they now wield at all levels of government. And centrists throughout the West are breathing a sigh of relief about Emmanuel Macron’s likely victory over the National Front’s Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election on May 7.

You can almost hear the sentiments echoing down the corridors of (political and economic) power on both sides of the Atlantic: “There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s fine. No need for serious soul searching or changes of direction. Sure, populism’s a nuisance. But we’re keeping it at bay. We just need to stay the course, fiddle around the edges a little bit, and certainly not give an inch to the racists and xenophobes who keep making trouble. We know how the world works, and we can handle the necessary fine tuning of the meritocracy. We got this.”

Just when it sounds like elitist Damon might be on to something, he shits all over himself.

They see the White House and Congress struggling to pass a health-care bill that will leave millions more without insurance coverage at a time when a majority of Americans and a plurality of Republicans favor a single-payer system that would cover all. They see a president proposing to drastically cut corporate and individual taxes (including the elimination of inheritance taxes, which will benefit only the richest of the rich) when polls show that the top frustration with the tax system is that corporations and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share. They see a unified push to cut government programs at a moment when polls show a growing share of the public prefers bigger government.

And exposes himself as a self deluded Marxist elitist.

Sorry Damon, Americans DO NOT prefer single payer or bigger government. You Marxists do, but despite your delusional dreams of a Marxist Utopia, the vast majority of American’s are not Marxists or even Socialists, and have no desire to see you and your morally and ethically rotting corpse Marxist brethren “Fundamentally Transform” America into Venezuela.

Yes Damon, the Global Elite will fall. The Global Marxist Elite of whom you happen to be a member, a professional propaganda and indoctrination apparatchik member, will indeed fall. All of your changing the narrative, spinning the fact and outright lying will not stop it from happening, or save or protect you and your ilk.

The Marxist Rag of Record, The Grey Red Lady’s own Jeremy W. Peters lets this little diatribe of urine dribble down his leg.

In Ann Coulter’s Speech Battle, Signs That Conservatives Are Emboldened

Without uttering a word to students at the University of California, Berkeley, Ann Coulter on Wednesday made herself the latest cause célèbre in the rapidly escalating effort by conservatives to fight liberals on what was once the left’s moral high ground over free speech on campus.

Ms. Coulter, the acid-penned conservative writer, canceled a planned appearance on Thursday after the political organizations that invited her rescinded their support over fears of violence. “It’s a sad day for free speech,” she said.

But across the country, conservatives like her are eagerly throwing themselves into volatile situations like the one in Berkeley, emboldened by a backlash over what many Americans see as excessive political correctness, a president who has gleefully taken up their fight, and liberals they accuse of trying to censor any idea they disagree with.

The situation adds up to a striking reversal in the culture wars, with the left now often demanding that offensive content be excised from public discourse and those who promote it boycotted and shunned.

Berkeley has again become a symbolic flash point. The university was not just the cradle of the Free Speech Movement but also the site of a violent 1969 crackdown that delighted many protest-weary Americans when Ronald Reagan, then California’s governor, ordered the National Guard to move in on student demonstrators.

Again, Marxist detritus spewed like projectile vomit in the desperate hope that the naive and gullible will ignorantly accept everything postulated without every checking or giving way to critical thought.

Now, I would not for one moment suggest that Ann Coulter is anything other than a professional metaphorical bomb thrower and agent provocateur, she most assuredly is. Mr Peters would have you believe that this is not only something new and bad, but that it, by implication, is coming only from the right. Sorry Mr Peter’s Ann Coulter actually comes from a very long line of professional agent provocateurs that snakes its way back through history to include such notable and noble names as Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Sir Thomas Moore, Friedrich Nietzsche, Galileo Galilei and of course, your idol, that great philosopher and connoisseur of excrement and feces, Karl fucking Marx.

No Mr Peter’s, conservatives across the nation are not “eagerly throwing themselves into volatile situations like the one in Berkeley”. Unless by “Eagerly throwing” what you really mean to say, is having the bad manner to dare to speak up in public. That that great bastion of Marxist propaganda and indoctrination should once again become a flashpoint is hardly surprising given that the average America is waking up “(No, most emphatically not “Woke or woking”) to the fact and degree to which you and your Marxist brethren have infiltrated and perverted American society.

More importantly, Berkeley most assuredly is not and never was the cradle of the Free Speech Movement. That honor in truth and fact belong to Philadelphia Pa, where Thomas Jefferson penned that dusty old document your and you Marxist co-conspirators are so desperate to destroy. You remember that document, right? The Declaration of Independence? That Document which kick the whole adventure off? That dusty old white mans document that came right before the United States Constitution. You remember the US Constitution don’t you Mr Peters, you ought to, you and your Marxist cohorts are doing everything you can to destroy it. Perhaps you even remember this line from it, you ought to since you have been hiding behind it.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Yea, that and not Berkeley is the cradle of the Free speech Movement. Berkeley is the cradle of the Marxist Student Activist Movement. the movement that gave us Politically Correct Speech, Social Justice Warriors and #Antifa. There is absolutely nothing “Free” in a movement whose predication is upon, Freedom for me to speak, but you can only speak if you agree with me.

Oh, and one more thing Mr Peter’s, has the New York Slimes given back Walter Duranty Pulitzer for lying his mother fucking ass off about Joesph Stalin’s genocides and the Gulags? Has the New York Slimes repudiated  Walter Duranty unapologetic praise and support for and of Soviet Communism?

No… I didn’t think so. Nothing you guys love more, than a good juicy Marxist lie.

And of course let us not forget the radical fascist totalitarian Marxists over at CBS San Francisco.

UC Berkeley Gears Up For Violent Protests Over Coulter Speech Cancellation

Following the cancellation of the Ann Coulter speech at University of California, Berkeley, far-right supporters plan to hold a rally Thursday to denounce what they claim is the attempted silencing of their conservative views, stoking fears of another violent encounter with far-left groups.

UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides, even as the speech by the conservative firebrand Coulter was canceled over fears of violence.

What a load of utter and complete Marxist crap “UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides”. This is the kind of dishonesty from the Fifth Column Treasonous Marxist Media that has caused most American’s, when faced with the choice of who to have babysit their children, someone from the Media, or a pedophilic cannibal clown, chose the pedophilic cannibal clown. Even the Ebola virus was voted more popular than these so called “Journalists”.

No. There are not violent militants on the right, or as the media like to call them, the Alt-right. Like the African-America’s during the civil right protests of the 60’s the right is refusing to be intimidated into silence. They are not going anywhere for the express purpose of inciting violence. They simply refuse to allow Marxist America’s Nazi Blackshirts aka #Antifa to silence or intimidate them. If they are met with peace, then peace is what they will return. “Don’t start nothing and there won’t be nothing” on the other hand, while they are not seeking and do not want there to be violence, they are not pacifists, attack them entirely at your own peril.

Yes… there is a rumbling. It can be felt all around the world. That rumbling, it’s the fall of the Marxist delusion of a Marxist Utopia. Every single place any of the varieties of Marxism, by whatever name you want to call them, Socialism, Communism, Social Democracy, has been tried, the result has always been the exact same. Right now, today that result is being witnessed by pretty much the entire world as it unfolds in Venezuela.

Much to the disbelief and distress of the worlds dedicated and committed Marxists, the vast majority of the worlds population is saying with one clear and very loud voice, NO, we do not want your violent tyrannical despotic fascist Marxist Utopia.


3 thoughts on “It smells like victory.

  1. Excellent read. Im going to plop a link on Twitter.

    More importantly, Berkeley most assuredly is not and never was the cradle of the “Free Speech Movement. That honor in truth and fact belong to Philadelphia Pa, where Thomas Jefferson penned that dusty old document your and you Marxist co-conspirators are so desperate to destroy.”

    Preach it brother!

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