Sous Vide Steak in a ice cooler experiment.

Ok, so the idea came from a comment made over at by Calo.

Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World’s Best (and Cheapest) Sous Vide Hack

It looked easy enough that even I might be able to pull it off… So….

So, 2 hours later, the cooler was still at about 125 degree’s F. So out it came and into a frying pan, 30 seconds on each side just to brown.

And I have a absolutely perfectly cooked medium rare steak that is incredibly moist, tender and juicy.


51 thoughts on “Sous Vide Steak in a ice cooler experiment.

    • Not to worry Brain, I have never and never shall cook a brain.

      Now…. If you would not mind terribly coming over here and sitting in this nice pickle jar. (Hey… I didn’t say that I didn’t pickle brains)…

    • Only Salsa Salad today. Sous Vide Steaks, Mediterranean Styled Pasta and Salsa Salad with what is left of my family. Though I am sure as Dragnet’s Officer Bill Gannon’s wife would say every time Bill invited Sargent Joe Friday over for diner, we can always slice them a little thinner.

    • Sorry, no Spirit Cooking here, perhaps you should try Satan’s Kitchen, its down the hall three doors to the left…. Watch the first step… its one HELL of a doozy.

  1. Standing ovation for “The Wilderness of Mirrors”, SWalker, and the horse he rode in on.

    Red carpet interview: “I knew him when, you know, and of course the horse he road in on. It’s all very exciting. ”

    To chauffeur: “After party at the Wilderness. Have you seen SpongePuppy since the ceremony? I think he has my shoes.”

    • Yes, I did see him. He scampered off with your shoes in his teeth, bounding with glee at his newfound possession. He has a pile of shoes from female celebrities stashed in his underground bunker.

      Oh, my those are some beautiful feet you have. Would you like me to take to home for free or would you rather risk your life riding in one of those Uber headless drone cars and end up in Albuquerque?

      • I’m so relieved SpongePuppy has my shoes. He’ll take good care of them, and Spark will see that they’re returned eventually.

        I appreciate the offer of the ride home very much. I’ve been to Albuquerque, and those headless cars are scary. They’re like accepting a ride with the headless horseman.

        • We are working very hard to make sure none of our headless driving computer drones grease any old ladies crossing the street carrying their vegetables.

          We have top people writing AI software to recognize old ladies and vegetables and have made progress although we had trouble with turnips.

          Fyi: Don’t go anywhere near an intersection carrying a turnip. Guccifer hacked our turnip code and demands bitcoins to fix it.

          • At this juncture, as Chief Operating Attorney for the HTOU, I’m duty bound to insist that old men carrying vegetables be given the same consideration as old ladies carrying vegetables. Headless computer drones can be allowed neither exception to, nor exemption from, the rules enumerated in the Headless Transportation Operator’s Union Handbook.

                  • *Gasp!* You can’t call me that! I”ll… I’ll sue. I’ll sue you, that’s what I’ll do… just as soon as I’ve had my cocoa and Playdoh, and I’ve finished this page in my coloring book, and I feel strong enough to leave my safe space. You just wait.

                    • Playdoh? I’ll have my Playdoh people call your Playdoh people, perhaps we can work something out that doesn’t require this to go all Silly-Putty on us.

              • Oh talking in code eh?

                let me unscramble that “Turnipist” for you. You are trying to say one of these this aren’t you?

                Nit Trip Us
                Nit Sip Rut
                Nit Stir Up
                Nit It Spur
                Nit Ti Spur
                Tint Rip Us
                Tint Sri Up
                Tint Sir Up
                Pi Stir Nut <<— this one, betcha
                Pi Stir Tun
                Pi Tis Runt
                Pi Tis Turn
                Pi Sit Runt
                Pi Sit Turn
                Pi Its Runt
                Pi Its Turn
                Pi Tits Urn
                Pi Tits Run
                Pi It Runts
                Rip Tis Nut
                Rip Tis Tun
                Rip Sit Nut

            • Headless Transportation Operator’s Union Chief Operating Attorney?


              What the HTOU?

  2. I tried to hack into this place and steal SWalker’s receipts but I was thwarted, thwarted I tell you.

    His receipts are encrypted using quantum mechanics. Where did SWalker learn how to do this I wonder? Probly that black projects gubmint contractor I suppose.

    Looks like I’ll just have to hack the CIA instead. SWalker’s receipts are impossible. But you know I did enjoy that SpongePuppy receipt and I signed up for the newsletter.

      • They don’t actually defy the laws of physic’s. They’re just borrowed from an anti-universe where the physical laws of the universe operate the exact opposite as they do here in our universe.

          • Oh no Mr. Mulhaney, we traded fair and square. Its not my fault Windows
            Vista sucks just as much in your anti-universe as it does here. You are the one who was so certain that anything that sucked really bad here would work great in your anti-universe.

              • You silly pencil pushing bureaucrat, they are not missing, everybody in both universes knows exactly where they are. More importantly, I have all of the necessary inter-dimensional export and import permits, signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, queried, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters.

                • You tell him Mr Dorian. I’m tired of the NSA spying on me up here in Poughkeepsie when I’m trying to cook meat in a cooler. And I can guarantee you the people in Poughkeepsie in the anti-universe feel the same way.

                  btw: Our whole family enjoyed that SpongePuppy recipe. thanks for sharing.

                  • No can do Mr fancy pants silly bureaucrat, as a member of Rock Star United Local 42, I am strictly bound under contract prohibiting me from getting certain things right. On of those things I am prohibited from getting right, is the correct titles of various and scurrilous silly little bureaucrat.

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