Ho hum, another boring diner… Psych…

Nope, tonight’s dinner, is Montreal Steak, Fajita Rice, and a Salsa Salad.

The Montreal Steak was Marinaded for two hours prior to cooking in Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Robust Dark Olive Oil and White Wine Vinegar.

The Fajita Rice, is Long Grain Rice, Salt, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato’s, Garlic, Onions, and Chili Pepper’s with a tablespoon of Dark Robust Olive Oil.

The Salsa Salad, is Romain Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots and Red Cabbage.

With a nice cold/raw Salsa added into provide the Tomato’s, Onions, and Jalapeno Pepper’s.

And of course a nice Roka Blue Cheese Dressing.

This evenings beverage… Early Grey with Raw Sugar.

And of course, Milk.



25 thoughts on “Ho hum, another boring diner… Psych…

  1. Rumors are flying around the Internet. Everyone wants to know, “what is SWalker is going to blog about next.” they ask.

    2 to 1 odds for Ricci tensor in Vegas.
    The NSA says is will involve balsamic vinegar.
    The tiny particle people at CERN say “definitely Boson” Wednesday is Boson day at CERN.

    Meanwhile Sparky say SWalker will blog about how flying United can be such a drag.

  2. Paprika. Hungarian Goulash. You should proceed with caution, Mr. Grey. You may inadvertently evoke the gypsy in me.

    • Miss, I’ll have you know, as SpokesPerson of the NSA Food Blog Surveillance Team, we only concern ourselves with Russian Goulash.

      However, you may inadvertently evoke if you want as we don’t even have an NSA Gypsy Surveillance Team yet.

      • We all have some gypsy in our soul, Mr. NSA Food Blog Surveillance Supervisor. It unleashes the magic. It spurs us to explore unknown frontiers. We may even become airship pirates sailing the skies in pursuit of paprika…and precious moonbeans.

          • Good grief, I sneak off to the Boggy Scablands Raven Tavern for just long enough to grill up some carne asada and swill down a couple arrogant bastards and everybody but me ends up with a damned promotion.

            • ok. Ill promote you. You are now the Main stunt man for the treacherous fiery haywagon ride in which you battle hairy bogg creatures before going into the ravine. Its the season finale.

              Happy now.

              Don’t worry next season will be excitingly dangerous.

          • Moonbeans are far more precious, and useful, than mere currency, Mr. Newly Promoted NSA Food Blog Surveillance Team Supervisor…and you should definitely fire your former supervisor. It’s not wise to keep disgruntled employees on board. They may decide to engage in mischief making.

  3. What’s that I smell? Canadian Meat?

    I prefer Toronto Steak but hey I’ll munch on free Montreal Meat in a heart beat.

    Looks delicious. Uhm, that isn’t Canadian Royal Mounted Meat is it? Where is the Horse you rode in on? I need proof.

  4. It’s kind of you to invite me to dinner, Mr. Grey. It looks wonderful. You’re certainly a man of many talents.

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