Pork chop’s and… Err, no, hold the apple sauce.

Nothing fancy here tonight. Simple pork chop, with a mushroom rice and pasta and good ole fashioned cut green beans.

And as always… A unnamed India Pale Ale…


2 thoughts on “Pork chop’s and… Err, no, hold the apple sauce.

  1. I love Pork chops, with Applesauce, Green beans and Kate Upton Swimsuit photos for dessert.

    When is the merger with Angry Mike happening. I hope your Graham Kerr fanboy status doesn’t ruin any bromance with Angry Mike.

    Ok question, Did you cry when they put ET in the freezer? You know it was just a stupid robot in a rubber suit right?

    Let’s assume the merger is a go.

    Ok Angry Mike is in charge of hottie uploads, you do the political stuff, higgs boson stuff, sqrt(-1) stuff, music, welding, pickle farming stuff, anti gravity machines, Canopfor will handle links (ok that was obvious) CL is in charge of waving, Dire will find Dave abd Cher and I’ll make Google pays our azzes and do episodes of “The Night the Queer Fireball Plopped in the Boggy Scablands.”


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