Real Environmentalism, vs Marxist Fake Environmentalism.

I just finished watching this Environmentalism video, which, quite frankly I both agreed with and enjoyed.

I am and have been a “Conservative” Environmentalist since the early 1980’s. One of my Oceanography Professors back in college placed me on this path. What I am not, is a rabid Marxist extremist using Environmentalism as a tool for the acquisition of power and influence. Without a source of clean water, fresh air and soil capable of growing food, the human race is as doomed as the dinosaurs. I do not believe that the carrying capacity of a health planet earth is only a few million human beings.

I do believe mankind must be rational stewards of our environment.

I believe that it is possible to be a rational capitalist environmentalist and not destroy the environment, while at the same time, not decimating the human race.

The true tragedy here, is that it is the Environmental Movement that has done the most harm to the environment. Through profoundly obvious lies, distortions and exaggerations, they have caused people who would have otherwise been sympathetic to the cause of protecting the environment to want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Yes, without question, wherever man enters a virgin habitat, his presences requires a careful management of that habitat from then on. But let us not ever fall victim to the delusion that humanity is ever going to cull itself down to a few hundred million humans so that the “Snail Darter” can survive.

Yes we both can and must do better at protecting our environment, but lying to people and deceiving them is the most certain path to ensuring that it never happens. The end absolutely never ever justifies the means. It only ensures that the worst possible outcome becomes the only possible outcome.

You want to protect the environment, you absolutely must quit assuming that people are too stupid to do what is in their own best interests unless they are lied to, deceived and frightened. You absolutely must show them the unparalleled beauty of the natural environment, make them understand how important a healthy environment is, and make them fall in love with a healthy environment.

If you cannot do these things, you are doing more harm to the environment then anyone who might be despoiling that same environment.


6 thoughts on “Real Environmentalism, vs Marxist Fake Environmentalism.

  1. We must be Good Stewards of our environment.

    To view one’s surroundings and habitat can be either awe inspiring or horrifying. If we take care of ourselves and our planet the beauty of Nature will always inspire.

  2. You are supposed to be searching for the Higgs-Sparky-SWalker boson, not watching environmentalist videos on YouTube.

    I hope you are doing well Mr Dorian person.

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