The Amazing Glory of Chaos.

Chaos in all of its glory.

Despite what you may think or have heard, Chaos Theory does not represent incomprehensible randomness. Chaos Theory deals with the interaction of random variables. Its an exponential law where each new variable introduces a new level of exponential variables. Perhaps my favorite example of how this works is the mathematical expression of Fractals.

However, what 99.9 percent of everyone who studies Chaos Theory misses, can be found in Einsteins Theory of General Relativity. Relative Perspective. No matter how chaotic or random any system appears, it appearance is 100 percent depends on the perspective of the observer. Look at the lactic structure of a carbon molecule, look at it from the wrong angle, or perspective, and it looks like a random arrangement of molecules, look at it from the right perspective, and its structure become obvious.

Our reality exists in a 11 dimensional universe. We only have the capacity to physically observe 2 dimensions. We infer two more from the two we can observe. Each dimension has three degrees of latitude in movement. This is unsurprisingly complicated. This is what makes chaos seem so random. Because thanks to our physical limitations intellectually or intuitively grasping these exponentially increasing degrees of latitude in movement are beyond what our senses are capable of.

Mathematics tell us that this is all real, but it doesn’t tell us how to understand them.

Our physical senses allow us to grasp length, height, depth and a position relative in time. But it does not allow us to intuitively grasp what the extra three degree of latitude in movement in each of the other 7 dimensions are, or what they represent.

This is where all of the confusion regarding Chaos Theory comes in. Each exponentially increasing degree of latitude creates an appearance of randomness that only exists because of the observers ignorance of those exponentially increasing degrees of latitude.

In short. You absolutely cannot plot the trajectory of any object, if 7/10ths of its degree’s of movement are unknown to you.


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