Conservative American Principals: Leaders and Leadership.

There are no Angels or God’s in politics, only men with feet of clay, who from time to time make the conscience choice to put the greater good of the nation ahead of their own profit.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams are considered by American Conservatives as being among the greatest men to ever serve the United States of America. These are men who set the standards by which American Conservatives judge those who hold political office in America.

They set those standards by their actions and behavior while serving. Their service was not self-enriching, but actual sacrifice. They set their own lives and fortunes on hold while they did everything within their power to effect the greatest good for the nation that they scarified to bring to birth.

As Conservative American’s we recognize that no living human being is perfect or without flaw. We do not seek to find perfect leaders, we do not deify our leaders. Nor are we ourselves perfect or incapable of being deceived. We get deceived plenty, yet even so, we continue to seek leaders who will be as honest and faithful as any human being can be.

Though we may place a limited amount of trust in those we chose as leaders, ultimately, it is not our leaders we place our trust in, but in our Constitution and the process by which our leaders are chosen. Moreover, as a very significant percentage of Conservative American’s are also practicing Christians, it is God himself we trust to provide us leaders worthy of the positions of trust to lead our nation.

Being a Conservative American does not mean you have to be a Christian, nor does being a Christian automatically make you a Conservative American. There are numerous Conservative American’s who are Atheists, Gay, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist, you name it. Conservative Americans come in every shape size religion, race ethnicity imaginable.

We are not a monolithic group in anything other than the core principals we hold, and even on that level we are not monolithic.


5 thoughts on “Conservative American Principals: Leaders and Leadership.

  1. I reread the article by the esteemed SWalker and the horse he rode in on and it is still good. But what’s that got to do with his cousin Mr. Grey?

    That’s like saying what’s Tesla got to do with a Tesla coil?

    • Thank you. I am trying as best I can in my limited way, to point out the things that those of us who are conservative hold in common. Our shared values as it were. Probably not not a very good job, but I am trying.

      • You are doing a great job, keep bringing it with conviction and clarity but on behalf of the tiny particle people at CERN I beseech you to serve up a couple of Higgs bosons every now and again. They can’t be that hard to find.

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