Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Washington Post Unveils New Slogan: ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’

The left-leaning Washington Post has introduced a new slogan in the age of President Donald Trump: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The slogan, which was coined by the newspaper’s former editor Bob Woodward, is now center stage on the site’s homepage.

On Wednesday, the New York Times also unveiled a new marketing campaign entitled “The Truth,” to fight Donald Trump, suggesting that the paper will only publish truthful journalism whilst Trump and the new administration continue to propagate lies.

The United States of America is not and never has been a Democracy. The United States is and always was a Constitutional Republic.

Those dedicated to Marxism, those who have infiltrated our nation with the intent to destroy our Constitutional Republic have for over a century done everything in their power to confuse and deceive as many American citizens as they could into believing that America is a Democracy.

They have done so because only in a Democracy can they use that Democracy to steal the government from the citizens of the United States of America and fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist Republic.

America’s Founding Father’s were adamantly opposed to America being a Democracy because they understood that in a Democracy, the majority could at any time vote itself into being a tyranny. Hence the very reason that they created a Constitutional Republic with a series of checks and Balances designed specifically to prevent exactly that from happening.

If the New York Times only publishes the Truth, perhaps they will start by admitting that their Pulitzer award winning Journalist Walter Duranty was actually a Marxist agitator and Stalin apologist. Yea, the New York Times hasn’t told the truth in 90 years, and isn’t about to start doing so any time soon.


10 thoughts on “Democracy Dies in Darkness.

  1. oh my gosh,

    we are doomed. the dummies in the MSM came up with a new slogan. what shall we do now?

    i know. let’s drain the swamp. let’s see if a silly slogan can save them.

  2. “The United States of America is not and never has been a Democracy. The United States is and always was a Constitutional Republic.”

    You’d think after 200+ years they’d catch on.

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