CPAC=Communists Pretending to be American Conservatives

CPAC 2017 is rapidly approaching. What is approaching even more rapidly, is the unmasking of who is behind CPAC. It is not who you think it is. The so called Conservative Political Action Conference is a political action conference it just isn’t as its name insists, a Conservative political action conference.

The evidence of this is extremely telling.

This year CPAC ignored many of the top Trump supporters who helped get him elected.
These top election influencers will not be speaking at CPAC despite their work to get Trump elected.

–Gavin McInnes
–Mike Cernovich
–Milo Yiannopoulos
–Stefan Molyneux
–Bill Mitchell
–Paul Joseph Watson
–Jack Posobiec
–Matt Drudge
–Gateway Pundit
–Ann Coulter? (if she is speaking she is not listed)

Instead the speaker list includes this committed #NeverTrumpers:
–Katie Pavlich
–Dana Loesch
–Ted Cruz
–Carly Fiorina
–Michael Reagan
–Mark Levin

CPAC is run by a group of Marxist/Liberal infiltrators.


a person who secretly becomes part of a group in order to get information or to influence the way the group thinks or behaves:

The biggest problem with any infiltrator or group of infiltrators is that usually by the time you realize that one of them has infiltrated your group or organization they have already done a great deal of damage. Damage that can take years to identify and correct.

America has been under attack by Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators for over 100 years. This attack actually began back in the 1870’s when America’s top Politicians and Academics got together and sought a plan to heal the wounds caused by the American Civil War. What they were trying to do was rational, logical and noble. The problem was, what they did.

In their attempt to heal the wounds of the Civil War, they concluded that they needed the assistance of third party unbiased arbitrators. So they made the decision to reach out to Europe’s top Academician’s and Intelligencia. A very large majority of Europe’s top Academician’s and Intelligencia that responded to their pleas for help, just happened to be the acolytes and disciples of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

It must be borne in mind, that at the time (the 1870’s) Marxism and its derivatives Socialism and Communism had not actually been put in practice anywhere. It is incredibly difficult to rationally or logically argue that Marxism and its derivatives Socialism and Communism do not look good on paper. The wording and phrasing in Das Kapital very skillfully and artfully disguise the real meaning and intentions of Marxism.

It is therefore not surprising that America’s most powerful and influential politicians and academicians did not understand what it was they were bringing to America’s shores when they imported these acolytes and disciples of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. They believed that they were importing powerful and brilliant minds who would create methods of healing the wounds caused by America’s Civil War, when in fact, they were importing individuals whose sole and exclusive goal, was the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic.

Thus begun the Marxist slow march of infiltration through America’s most powerful institutes. Academia, the Legal system, the Political system, the Deep States and the Fourth Estate and the Church.

This slow march infiltration was well underway when in the 1940’s the Soviet Union’s KGB began its own infiltration and subversion program. It was this well established web of Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators that the KGB reached out to and tapped to infiltrate the “Manhattan Project”. It was this well established web of Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators who were being added and abetted by the KGB that were the real focus behind Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s warning of Communist infiltration of the American Government i.e., the Deep State.

It was this well established web of Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators in Academia, politics the Media and the legal system and the church who worked so hard and successfully to assassinate Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s personal and professional character and paint him as some kind of delusional crazy conspiracy nut job.

It was not until after the fall of the Soviet Union and the release of the Vassiliev Notebooks followed shortly in 1996 by the United States very own NSA documents known as the Venona files that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was proven to have been 100 percent correct. That despite his vilification by the well established web of Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators he was not a crazy delusion conspiracy nut job.

By this time, you must be wondering, how the hell does this have anything to do with CPAC?

The answer to that, is nearly as convoluted as the trail leading up to this point, and it hinges on this statement.

The biggest problem with any infiltrator or group of infiltrators is that usually by the time you realize that one of them has infiltrated your group or organization they have already done a great deal of damage. Damage that can take years to identify and correct.

For over a century, America has suffered from a collective delusion. One foisted upon America by this very cabal of Marxist/Socialist/Communist infiltrators. That delusion was/is, “It can’t happen here”. Well, it did happen here, and it happened right under everybody’s noses.

The first great American institutes that the Marxists infiltrated were Academia and the Fourth Estate. From their perches within Academia and the Fourth Estate they began a covert program of propaganda and indoctrination. That program of propaganda and indoctrination went into super overdrive in the 1960’s as Marxist College professors used their bully pulpits and positions of moral and ethical authority to transform innocent and eager to please naive young college students into Marxist activists and revolutionaries.

They placed their greatest efforts into indoctrinating three very specific academic disciplines. Education, Jurisprudence, and Journalism. Education majors, i.e., the nations future teachers, Lawyers and Journalists were all heavily indoctrinated into Marxism by being taught the Marxist Educational Theories.

From the mid 1970’s, when the 1960’s Marxist radicals and activists graduated from college and entered the workforce, (especially those who went into teaching), nearly every student of the American primary educational system has been heavily indoctrinated into Marxism, and the vast majority of them are totally unaware of this fact.

1. The reproduction of class inequality

In school, the middle classes use their material and cultural capital to ensure that their children get into the best schools and the top sets. This means that the wealthier pupils tend to get the best education and then go onto to get middle class jobs. Meanwhile working class children are more likely to get a poorer standard of education and end up in working class jobs. In this way class inequality is reproduced

2. The Legitimation of class inequality

Marxists argue that in reality money determines how good an education you get, but people do not realize this because schools spread the ‘myth of meritocracy’ – in school we learn that we all have an equal chance to succeed and that our grades depend on our effort and ability. Thus if we fail, we believe it is our own fault. This legitimates or justifies the system because we think it is fair when in reality it is not.

3. Teaching the skills future capitalist employers need

In ‘Schooling in Capitalist America’ (1976) Bowles and Gintis suggest that there is a correspondence between values learnt at school and the way in which the workplace operates. The values, they suggested, are taught through the ‘Hidden Curriculum’. The Hidden Curriculum consists of those things that pupils learn through the experience of attending school rather than the main curriculum subjects taught at the school. So pupils learn those values that are necessary for them to tow the line in menial manual jobs, as outlined below


Passive subservience (of pupils to teachers) corresponds to Passive subservience of workers to managers

Acceptance of hierarchy (authority of teachers) corresponds to Authority of managers

Motivation by external rewards (grades not learning) corresponds to being Motivated by wages not the joy of the job

Evaluations of the Traditional Marxist Perspective on Education


There is an overwhelming wealth of evidence that schools do reproduce class inequality because the middle classes do much better in education because they have more cultural capital (Reay) and because the 1988 Education Act benefited them (Ball Bowe and Gewirtz)
Conversely, WWC children less likely to go to university because of fear of debt (Connor et al)

Right there you can clearly see the roots of the Social Justice Warrior movement.

It wasn’t just their indoctrination into Marxism via Marxist Educational Theory, it was also their education into radical activist strategies and tactics taught to the young college student like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and William Ayer’s by the Marxist Revolutionary and Radical Community Activist Saul Alinsky.

Rules for Radicals.

1. The Purpose

In this book we are concerned with how to create mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people; to realize the democratic dream of equality, justice, peace…. “Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’ This means revolution.” p.3

“Radicals must be resilient, adaptable to shifting political circumstances, and sensitive enough to the process of action and reaction to avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing.” p.6

“A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10

“An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….” pp.10-11

2. Of Means and Ends [Forget moral or ethical considerations]

“The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. … The real arena is corrupt and bloody.” p.24

“The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…. The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be….” pp.25-26

“The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means….” p.29

“The seventh rule… is that generally success or failure is a mighty determinant of ethics….” p.34

“The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. It involves sifting the multiple factors which combine in creating the circumstances at any given time… Who, and how many will support the action?… If weapons are needed, then are appropriate d weapons available? Availability of means determines whether you will be underground or above ground; whether you will move quickly or slowly…” p.36

4. The Education of the Organizer

“To the organizer, imagination… is the dynamism that starts and sustains him in his whole life of action as an organizer. It ignites and feeds the force that drives him to organize for change….
“The organizer knows that the real action is in the reaction of the opposition. To realistically appraise and anticipate the probable reactions of the enemy, he must be able to identify with them, too, in his imagination, and foresee their reactions to his actions….
“The organizers searching with a free and open mind void of certainty, hating dogma, finds laughter not just a way to maintain his sanity but also a key to understanding life.”pp.74-75

“…the organizer must be able to split himself into two parts — one part in the arena of action where he polarizes the issue to 100 to nothing, and helps to lead his forces into conflict, while the other part knows that when the time comes for negotiations that it really is only a 10 percent difference.” p.78

“…the organizer is constantly creating new out of the old. He knows that all new ideas arise from conflict; [See Dialectic Process] that every time man as had a new idea it has been a challenge to the sacred ideas of the past and the present and inevitably a conflict has raged.” p.79

5. Communication [Notice the emphasis on conflict, dialogue, relationships, etc. Team “service” is essential to building strong relationships through “common involvements”]

“And so the guided questioning goes on without anyone losing face or being left out of the decision-making. Every weakness of every proposed tactic is probed by questions…. Is this manipulation? Certainly….” p.88

“One of the factors that changes what you can and can’t communicate is relationships. There are sensitive areas that one does not touch until there is a strong personal relationship based on common involvements. Otherwise the other party turns off and literally does not hear….

“Conversely, if you have a good relationship, he is very receptive…. For example, I have always believed that birth control and abortion are personal rights to be exercised by the individual. If, in my early days when I organized… neighborhood in Chicago, which was 95 per cent Roman Catholic, I had tried to communicate this, even through the experience of the residents, whose economic plight was aggravated by large families, that would have been the end of my relationship with the community. That instant I would have been stamped as an enemy of the church and all communication would have ceased.

“Some years later, after establishing solid relationships, I was free to talk about anything…. By then the argument was no longer limited to such questions as, ‘How much longer do you think the Catholic Church can hang on to this archaic notion and still survive?’ …the subject and nature of the discussion would have been unthinkable without that solid relationship.” pp.93-94

6. In the Beginning: The Process of Power [Notice the compromise needed to build the power base. Yet, since pragmatism has eroded all values, it’s simply a matter of ends justifying means. It’s not unlike churches that attract members through the world’s entertainment — then continue to soften or hide Truth in order to keep them happy and lure more.]

“From the moment the organizer enters a community he lives, dreams… only one thing and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army. Until he has developed that mass power base, he confronts no major issues…. Until he has those means and power instruments, his ‘tactics’ are very different from power tactics. Therefore, every move revolves around one central point: how many recruits will this bring into the organization, whether by means of local organizations, churches, service groups, labor Unions, corner gangs, or as individuals.”

“Change comes from power, and power comes from organization.” p.113

“The first step in community organization is community disorganization. The disruption of the present organization is the first step toward community organization. Present arrangements must be disorganized if they are to be displace by new patterns…. All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.” p.116

The indisputable evidence of what I am suggesting here can clearly be seen in who the organizers of CPAC have invited, and who they have barred from speaking at the 2017 CPAC.

Its wasn’t the political pundits or media talking heads that got Donald Trump elected. It wasn’t the elitists members of the GOP. It was the actual real Conservative base of the Republican Party that carried Trump over the finish line. The majority of the media talking heads, so called conservative punditry and the GOP Elitist Leadership all viciously opposed Donald Trump. In so doing, they exposed themselves for who and what they really are, Infiltrating Member’s of the corrupt Marxist Globalist plutocracy.

If you do not know the history or strategic tactics of the Marxist cabal of infiltrators then their actions bear more than a passing resemblance to angry tantrums being thrown by spoiled children who did not get their way during the last election. This is exactly what you are suppose to think, so that you will dismiss their actions as those of enemy combatants and mistake them for angry petulant fits by people on your side of a politically rough and tumble discourse.

In short, the upper echelons of the CPAC Organization have been infiltrated by radical Marxist activists who are using their positions within CPAC to “get information or to influence the way the group thinks or behaves“. These people are not just moderate Republicans or RINO’s, they are Marxist Infiltrators, and tragically, a fairly large number of them do not even realize that that is what they are. They were indoctrinated into Marxism in school without their even being aware of it and have become the ultimate in covert sleeper agents.

4 thoughts on “CPAC=Communists Pretending to be American Conservatives

  1. Good morning, OW.
    Brietbart just announced MILO will be speaking at CPAC.
    At least one out of the list will speak, hopefully more to come. (crosses fingers)

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