Oh look, a shiny duck…

EXCLUSIVE: House Intelligence IT Staffers Fired In Computer Security Probe

I see something coming. ( —-> Puts on Nostradamus hat)

1) Clinton email server hack
2) DNC server hack
3) Podesta email hack
4) Trump phone call hack

While the Trump phone call hack seems as if it might not be the same kind of hack, considering that it was transcriptions of his conversations that were released, it is highly probably that what was hacked is a server database containing auto transcriptions of the phone calls.

While the Democrats blamed the Russian’s for all of their computer hack woes, its pretty obvious that practically nobody took their accusations seriously.

What was not so obvious, except to anyone who has even worked as a Network Administer or Network Security Administer/Analyst, is that the information released in all of these hacks has all along been begging to suggest that the source of the hacks, was someone with in inside access to the systems from which the data was stolen.

The article only mentions Democrat politicians who were hacked, democrats who were disgraced during the Trump/Clinton Presidential campaign because of the material hacked and released.

How does that have any bearing on 4)? Well, consider that the physical servers where any Trump phone conservation auto transcriptions would be stored, would likely be the exact same servers that were tasked with storing Obama’s auto translated transcriptions of phone calls.
Server’s which would no doubt have hardline (physical) connections to the House of Representatives computer networks.

Bottom line, if you have inside physical access to a server farm, everything in the farm is accessible to you. To have access to the servers of as many dispirit agencies and committees as these guys had puts the probability of their having physical access to the server farms where those committees and agencies server’s were physically located.

It looks as though they not only had physical access to the server farms, but administrative access as well. Not just administrative access to the accounts they were accessing, but administrative access to the server farms as well.

Now… Look very carefully here. We have the prefect suspects, so perfect, that it becomes somewhat suspicious. Whenever you have suspects this perfect… STOP take a breath, and looks slowly and carefully around.

What exactly is it, that this perfect package, (having such a bright and shiny light focused on it), is intended to distract your attention away from?

Hmmm, not sure why yet, but this smells of slight of hand prestidigitation.


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