Defining American Conservationism.

What is American Conservationism, what does it mean to be an American Conservative. What are the guiding principals of American Conservationism. Intellectuals on the right side of the American political spectrum have tried for the last 50 years to come up with a definitive value for these questions.

Intellectuals from Ayn Rand, to Barry Goldwater to William F Buckley have struggled with these questions, while managing to fail in their attempts. Each of the a fore mentioned managed to articulate many of the fundamental principals of American Conservationism with a brilliant alacrity, their attempts to elucidate said principals were magnificent in their own right and to a considerable degree, right up until they shot themselves in their own proverbial feet.

Each of their attempts suffered from the exact same fundamentally fatal flaw. As intellectuals, they discounted and dismissed the extent that American Conservationism is and always has been shaped and subject to fundamental Christian Theology.

verb: conserve; 3rd person present: conserves; past tense: conserved; past participle: conserved; gerund or present participle: conserving

protect (something, especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction.
“the funds raised will help conserve endangered meadowlands”

adjective: conservative

holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

The basic fundamental aspects of Christian Theology are not and never have been open to debate or modification. They were laid down by Jesus Christ, and explained in intricate detail by the Apostle Paul. If you do not like them and are unwilling to abide by them, you are not a Christian, period, end of story, go find another religion to join. You are not free to change them, ignore them, or modify them to suit your will or desires.

Contrary to the assertions of modern liberals and atheists, the bedrock foundation upon which the United States Constitution was laid down upon, is the Christian Theology as expounded by Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

These modern liberals and atheists would like to assert and pretend that America’s Founding Fathers were not Christians, but Deists whose beliefs were in a nebulous undefined deity. In realty nothing could be further from the truth. More than half of the Founding Fathers were either Pastors of the christian Faith, or Seminary Students of the Christian faith. They made the conscience decision to identify themselves as Diets not because they rejected Christianity, but because having witnessed the abuses of the faith under the subjugation of Europe’s various Monarchies they were determined that America would not permit the violent conflicts and ambitions which had plagued Europe and were aided by abominable abuses of Christianity to find foothold in America.

In 1861 and lasting until 1865 America suffered a unimaginably devastating and horrible identity crises. Upon its resolution those tasked with governing the several state made a mistake from which the ramification of are still devastating America. It was a mistake borne both of a compassionate desire to heal a war torn nation, anger and arrogance. The finest minds in Academia and the tattered American Federal Government, seeking a method of restoring and healing America from its brutal Civil War, sought out the brightest minds that Europe had to offer.

They imported those individuals whom they believed represented the greatest hope of achieving that goal. The problem was, the individuals they imported to head academia, jurisprudence and government, were the students and acolytes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In 1870, as the first Marxist were being imported to America and installed in high positions of authority and respect, Marxism was still only a unproven and untested demonstration intellectual public masturbation and self aggrandizement.

No one could look back in history and see the utter devastation that attempting to put Marx’s idea’s and principals into effect would bring upon anyone so cursed as to actually have to endure said attempts in suicidal futility.

Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater and William F Buckley all suffered unwittingly from decades of subtle sabotage by those students and acolytes of Karl Marx. The seeds planted by those Marxist infiltrators bore their fruit. That fruit was the totally false and blinding conceit that in order to be a rational, logical, and scientifically minded individual, one was required to dismiss any and all notions of any reality to Christian Theology. To be an actual bona fide Academic and Intellectual, one could not suffer the fables and fairy-tales of Religion.

In their arrogance and narcissism, they believed they could remodel American Conservatism into a ideological and political system bereft of its Christian Foundation.

To America’s esteemed Conservative intellectuals huffing and puffing their moment upon the public stage. Victor David Hanson, Thomas Sowell, Bill Kristol, George Will. Whom ever the fuck you are. Your views may well be more Conservative than they are Democrat/Liberal/Marxist, I may even agree with a great number of them. American Conservationism’s greatest weakness is also its greatest strength. Your well reasoned, logical and rational opinions are just that. Your opinions. They hold, in the final analysis, not one single iota more, nor less validity nor veracity as mine, or anyone else on the right side of the political spectrum. Where they fail to take into consideration the principals and theologies of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, as actually taught by Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, they utterly and completely fail at being American Conservative principals and ideologies.


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