Thermopylae it aint.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a group of 300 Spartan soldiers put up a fight against the superior numbers of the King of Persia. King Leonidas with 300 Spartans, 400 Thebans, and 700 Thespian volunteers, against 2,641,610 troops of King Xerxes I, of Persia. It was a blood bath of historic proportions, one literally for the record books.

Leonidas suffered from the exact same weakness that the King of Troy, Priam suffered from. He could not tell the difference between his friends and his enemies. Granted, there are significant historical differences. Leonidas was betrayed by a fellows Greek citizen, where as Priam allowed saboteurs to pass through the gates of his city. The significant point here being betrayal. Neither Leonidas nor Priam were able to see the tactical concept of being betrayed from within coming before it destroyed them.

Michelle Malkin created a Conservative Blog called “HotAir” back in 2006. It was for 4 years, the premier Blog where conservatives both had a voice and were able to voice their opinions. In 2010 she sold it to Salem Communications, a company which most people foolishly believed to be a “Conservative Christian Broadcasting Company”. Salem Communications was/is not a Conservative Christian Broadcasting Company in anything but name.

In 2006, Michelle brought on board a anonymous but extremely well know gay activists Blogger known only as “Allahpundit”. In 2010, when she sold Hot air to Salem Miscommunications, she added Ed Morrissey. Michelle Malkin is and was without a doubt a Conservative writer and pundit. Tragically, like Leonidas and Priam before her, she was unable to differentiate the difference between her allies and her enemies.

Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit were paid writers. Professional paid writers, who catered to their specific market niche while slowly injecting their own Marxist leaning liberal social bias. Eventually they came out of the closet and set fire to Hot Air.

Enter the great diaspora. As all infiltrators and saboteurs eventually do, they stabbed their victims in the back. When the readers and comment contributors at Hot Air realized what had happened, They moved in mass to a new Conservative Blog. A outspoken regular at HotAir, Constantine XI offered his blog as a place to reform what had been the conservative online community of HotAir.

Like Leonidas, Priam and Malkin before him, Constantine XI made the same fatal mistake of trusting people who in the end, betrayed him. Constantine XI made the foolish mistake of creating a LLC in order to not be exclusively burdened by the cost of expanding his blog “Constantinople not Istanbul” to handle the increased traffic load created by the flood of refugee’s from HotAir. Upon forming the LLC, he accepted money from other highly enthusiastic individuals wishing to be a part of and have a hand in the administration of the new conservative blog HotGas.

It wasn’t long before Constantine XI found himself wearing an old cast off pair of shoes once owned by IT industry giant Steve Jobs. Restricted, censored, and eventually cast out by those he had mistakenly trusted and allowed within his city gates. While the despotic Roman Emperor Julius Caesar may well have deserved his fate, he was after all a despotic violent tyrannical bastard. If the historical record is to be believed, he was betrayed by his closest friends and advisors… For money and power.

So Constantine XI fell to Fossten, Radius and Patrick. The supposed “Conservatives” that Constantine XI brought in to help administer and share the financial burden of running HotGas. Contrary to the lies and bullshit that the horsemen of the apocalypse have fed their readership, running a blog really isn’t so expensive that it required donations, paid Ad’s and private Subscriber-ships. HotGas, also known as “The spartan Report” is just the latest example of the American Conservative Community blindly trusting people whose only actually agenda, is to make money off them and betray their Conservative Principals.

Good looking out Fossten, you managed to do in a year, what it took Ed Morrissey five years to do. Betray your customers while setting yourself up as a tin plated despotic tyrant. All that is left for you to do now is write a book, may I suggest since you plagiarized Morrissey’s business plan, you likewise follow suit and copy his book title… Perhaps, “Going …” I hope it proves to be as financially successful for you as it did for Ed Morrissey.


9 thoughts on “Thermopylae it aint.

  1. Hey Oscar. Fossten said something this morning on the early open thread that induced me to come over here (someone else dropped a link below his comment to make it easier).

    I’ve set the new post reminder so I don’t lose track and I’ve used an email which is *never* public and will be around for a while unless it starts getting Spam.

    Sorry to hear about your family situation.

    • Fossten says a lot of shit, very little of it true. Like claiming that they offered me a staff writing position and I laughed at him. That is a 100 percent lie.

      He claims I admitted to having a drinking problem, again, another complete and total lie.

    • Bear in mind, not only have I run my own blog for the last 7 years, but I have multiple other friends that runs blogs. Fossten and company are either imbeciles, or they are taking the HotGas cementers for a ride. The degree that they are monetizing SpartaReport is way way way beyond financially necessary unless they are imbeciles or pulling a Ed Morrissey on you guys.

  2. Oscar, is this inside scoop or supposition? I always wondered about the CXII departure, am not totally fond of the rename, and Fosten jumps the shark regularly (but not lately ).

    Good friends are still there, but a lot of not known to me new names are all over the thing these days.

  3. WRONG: It was King Leonidas with 300 Spartans, 400 Thebans, and 700 Thespian volunteers, AND ONE PUPPY against 2,641,610 troops of King Xerxes.

    Don’t forget the puppy.

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