Cliff Walker Memorial Fund.

My brother Clifford Walker was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer 1 year ago. 1 month ago he learned that it had spread to his brain. On Tuesday January 24th 2017 he went in for surgery to remove a brain tumor. Instead the doctors found that the tumors had grown far more than expected. They they determined that his condition had progressed to the terminal stage and estimated perhaps a month at best remaining.

My brother is a single parent with a 13 year old son. This fund is being set up to try and help his son. 13 years old is way to young to lose ones father. I will be doing everything I can to try and financially support my nephew, but I am an unemployed former musician with little recent job experience. I spent the last 8 years taking care of my mother who passed away on September 15th 2016.

My brother Cliff, his son William and my mother all lived together and I have been working as Cliffs in home care giver for the last 5 months. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Cliff Walker Memorial Fund.

  1. he was my best friend growing up in Murphy canyon navy housing I’ve been looking for him to reconnect… heart is heavy now..i loved him ….im so sad i mssed connecting with him
    R.I.P c
    Clifford damn i really cant believe your gone…,y heart goes out to your mom and brothers GUY,Steven,Andrew and your sister George P

    • George, I am so sorry to inform you that Guy, Mom and my sister Terrylynn have all passed away. Guy and Terrylynn succumbed to cancer just like Cliff did. Guy, in Oct 2006, Terrylynn in March 2015, and mom passed from a combination of a heart attack and stroke in Sept 2016.

  2. Bless you SWalker. Stay strong. Im spreading the word in your time if need.

    So is my cousin Sparky and you know what a blabber mouth he is.

    You deserve peace of mind knowing that you did the honorable thing and cared more for others than you cared for yourself.

    SpongePuppy and Sparky

  3. My brother is currently being treated for the same thing.
    I’ll definitely be praying for your brother, his son, and you!

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, OW.
    Blessings to you for the love and care you
    gave and continue to give to your family.
    {{{HUGS}}} to you and your nephew.


    • My apologies, OW.
      I read at another site that your brother passed.
      That information has now been corrected.
      Prayers and hugs continue for you and your family.

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