Happy Birthday Mom.

Today would have been my mom’s 81st birthday. On September 15th 2016 she succumbed to a combination of Pneumonia, Multiple Heart Attacks and Strokes. The Heart Attack’s and Strokes were brought on by the Pneumonia. I had spent the last 18 years taking care of her. She survived Breast Cancer and two bouts of Pneumonia.

My mom was a Born Again Christian and one of the sweetest kindest and most gentle women I have ever known. Her health had been fragile for a long time. She out lived her siblings, two husbands and two of her children.

Its been just over 4 months, and I still cannot believe how much I miss her. Hell may be the ultimate place of eternal torment, but missing those whom we love, who have pasted on from this mortal coil certainly must be the next worst torment.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom.

  1. Bless you SWalker. I hope you strive to persevere.

    Your mom doesn’t want you to suffer. Somehow your brain has to be able to function so you can someday have a small measure of happiness even though you will never be far removed from the pain of her absence.

    Maybe, if you so choose, you can become part of something potentially significant to ease the suffering.

    I need your brain.

    Sparky SpongePuppy

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