Whence come the Knife.

Back in the 1990’s, when the internet was opening up because of the World Wide Web, I used to be a Computer Assembly Technician. I worked briefly for a couple of very small mom and pops computer stores, but mostly was a free lance technician. The people who I worked for were not bleeding edge customers. They were upper lower class and lower middle class people who were mostly trying to get their kids ready for the computer age.

The Computers they bought were generally older model bare bones with 3 year old operating systems. Shortly after buying them, they would go looking for someone who could upgrade their system and give it more capabilities. I was fortunate enough to have friends in the Tech industry. My specialty back in the 1990’s, was systems hardware upgrading. At one time I had close to 100 functional computers in my garage. I was a master at cannibalization and reconfiguration.

I was also an early and ardent proponent of Overclocking and exotic cooling. One particular time I went out and purchased a new systems board and CPU. While assembling the board for immersion cooling I accidentally turned the system on. In a matter of seconds the highly overclocked and extremely expensive CPU burned up before I could do a thing about it. In the moment, a vise like pressure gripped my chest, pure unadulterated panic. I had just smoked a CPU that cost me nearly a thousand dollars. I do not think I have felt that kind of panic any other time in me life, before or after.

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America, something strange has been taking place. Individuals in the Conservative Media have been coming out of the closet to revel, that despite their in many cases long association with Conservative Republicans, they themselves are actually not Conservatives.

The Republican Party, which is Conservative among 70 percent of its Base, has been awaking for some time now to the fact that the majority of its elected representatives are rarely anywhere near being as Conservative as they pretend to be at election time. The John McCain and Mitt Romney campaigns pretty much exposed this to the majority of the Republican Base. Then after handing the GOP first Congress in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014, the extent of this fraud really because apparent. Hence the rise of Donald Trump.

What was not expected, was how many of the Conservative Media personalities were every bit the same fraud that the fake Conservative Congressmen and Senators were. RedStates Erick Erickson, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, Breitbarts Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh? Now, granted by this time many of us had figured out that there were people in the Conservative Media who were there strictly for the money. Ann Coulter, brilliant bomb thrower, but at heart, just a capitalist who figured out how to market to great success to the Conservative market.

Many of us understood that this was the Rupert Murdoch/FoxNews strategy. Sell the Conservative Market a Conservative product until you can grow large enough to be able to discard the Conservative product.

Contrary to what I lot of people think. The Talking heads do not write much of what they read on air. Back in the 80’s when I was a Rock Star, I did a couple of Radio and Television interviews. Back then, they used to receive their “News” copy over a teletype machine. The Radio and TV stations would have rooms dedicated to them, with 10 or 15 machines clattering away all day long.

What they were clattering away at, was whatever the Talking Head was going to say on the air. And every-bodies favorite radio and TV personality read that clattered claptrap nearly word for word. The Talking Heads are allowed leeway in how they present what is written for them, but they’re not allowed to stray very far from that is written for them.

And what it is that is written for them, are articles written by KnightRidder, AP, Reuters and about a dozen or so other wire services. Plus, copy written by the major Newspapers and News Stations.

If the New York Times sends out a story that is 100 percent pure fabrication the Talking Heads will repeat that fabrication over and over and over until it is proven to be a fabrication, and even then, many will refuse to acknowledge that what they were repeating was a pure fabrication, they’ll just quietly drop it and never refer to it again.

Take the Dan Rather throbbing memo case as an example. Not only does Dan Rather still insist that the story was not wrong, only about a quarter of the nations Talking Heads ever covered the expose, the rest simply quit talking about the throbbing memo.

The ones who did cover it pretty much only covered it because the internet was so abuzz with it. And of course because it cost Dan Rather his job. Only the very biggest names in Broadcast or Cable New actually write their own copy and even they are restricted to paraphrasing certain stories.

This being a reality for the Mainstream Media was a given, its how it was and still is done. Somehow, it still came as a pretty numbing shock to discover that Conservative Media obviously functions the exact same way. I guess I was spoiled and in a sense deceived by Micheal Savage. Micheal Savage is a multi-millionaire or possibly a Billionaire in his own right regardless of his Broadcasting career. Dr Michael Alan Weiner, better known as Micheal Savage is the inventor of the modern Energy Drink and owner of… RockStar beverages.

Micheal Savage broadcasts from San Francisco and is pretty popular here in California. Those who consider themselves part of the Savage Nation consider that Micheal’s single greatest redeeming quality is that he says what he thinks and damned the consequences. His reputation for that is incredible well earned, since doing so cost him a syndicated Television show worth millions of dollars a year by doing exactly that. In other words, a man like Donald Trump who cannot be bought.

Having grown up through my 30s and 40 listening to Savage, I made the horrible mistake of thinking that Savage was the Conservative Rule, not the exception. I thought that Conservative Media did not operate on the ABC CBS NBC Broadcast formula. Boy was I wrong.

I understand why the Mainstream Media operates the way it does. I alluded to it at the beginning of this article. They have lucrative careers that are based on them accepting and working within a specific formulas. There is a specific well mapped out method of presenting the News. You do not present your own opinions unless you are specifically an opinion columnist. Otherwise what you do, is present what is written for you in the most personally convincing manner. That’s how your career advances.

The Trump phenomenon exposed that this is also how the Conservative Media operates. Step to far out of line, and that terrible panic about losing your extremely well paying job grips your chest and you step right back into line. Sooner or later, in that kind of a hostage environment Stockholm syndrome is inevitable. Liberals indisputably control the Mainstream Media, and as a consequence, everything that flows out of the Mainstream Media is tainted by Marxist/Liberal ideology.

What Donald Trump exposed about the Conservative Media was more than just that it operated under the same Broadcast formula as the Mainstream Media, but it also exposed who it was that was setting the Conservative Media’s ideological agenda. It isn’t actual Conservatives, it is the Republican Party Establishment Elite. Anyone who thinks that the Republican Party Establishment Elite are Conservatives needs their head examined.

So how did we end up with this knife sticking in our backs? Finding out that many of our favorite Conservative Talking Heads and Pundits are in reality, not Conservatives? We forgot how many of us have feet of clay. We forgot just how rare those who can not be intimidated or bought are. Oh yea, we all like to think we are not for sale. But in truth, to some degree or another, we are. That’s how we hold on to our jobs, pay or mortgages and put food on the table for our children. The vast majority of us are fortunate enough that our livelihoods are not easily threatened by our speaking our minds on most subjects.

Micheal Savage spoke his mind on national television, and then refused to recant or back down, it cost him tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Most us us could not take a hit like that, we couldn’t even take a hit for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Somehow, we thought that the majority of Conservative Talking Heads and Pundits were more like Micheal Savage than like ourselves. We were wrong, that is why we are so surprised at how many of our favorite Conservative Talking Heads and Pundits have turned out to not be as Conservative as previously advertised.


25 thoughts on “Whence come the Knife.

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  2. When I was in radio it was disdainfully called “rip and read” – That was back in the mid ’70s. A lot of it has to do with copyright law. If you paid for a syndicated feed – Associated Press say – you could broadcast it to your heart’s content. If you broadcast what your local paper said – if you did not have an agreement, you had lawyer trouble.

    Often – if the DJ was busy, the engineer on shift (me) would do the ripping. I engineered a few “interesting” news casts. Good times. Especially when the record salesmen visited.

  3. Just got around to reading this. Very well done, DG. So glad Hot Gas started up; it has opened up the horizons.

  4. I don’t even know how I finished up right here, however I assumed this post used to be good. I do not recognize who you’re however certainly you are going to a famous blogger when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  5. WOW, Oscar that is a great piece of writing! Donald Trump has exposed many hidden things. You with this article have broken it down in a way that can be understood better; at least for me.

    I think we knew a lot of the talking heads, aka MSM were wrong in what they said, but thought the talking “Conservatives” were on our side and against them. Some things are difficult to face, facts and truth being two; but for we that seek truth in all things must agree when either one is presented.

    I haven’t listened to Rush or Levin for about 2 months; Beck I got rid of long ago:-) Like attracts like and birds of a feather stick together.

    Your comparisons of what has been going on and your experiences and insight is so helpful.

    “The love of money is the root of all evil.” This is the common denominator on why the MSM & the “Conservative talking heads are the same and that applies to the D.C. group as well.

    Thank you for writing this.

  6. I have to agree with all the above, really great post! Thank you, always enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions

  7. Great writeup. Somehow I feel liberated through all of this. Sometimes the truth hurts but this time the truth has truly set me free from all these “conservatives” I once thought were “voices crying in the wilderness” What a fool I’ve been.

  8. Very well written article full of depth and understanding. Love your story about the CPU and the way you weaved in comparisons.

    It’s so easy to be deceived when we see what we want to see. When one is not in a state of denial about one’s own culpability in the deception, thoughtful discernment leads to clarity, which shines light truth. That, as I see it, is an underlying message in your article. Fortunately, there’s a lot of thoughtful discernment going on these days.

      • Someone or something is either honest or it’s not. “Trying to be honest” is a state of being where there may be honesty about some things and little or none about others. There’s no “trying” in what you wrote.

        • Such absolutism in defining truth is way way above my pay grade. It’s a realm best left to God. I am not God’s spokes person, not even when I am quoting him word for word. When I say, I try to be honest, I say this with the full understanding that what I believe to be the truth, may in reality not be the truth. I am neither perfect nor infallible. What I write, is based on my best understanding of reality and I make every effort to be truthful and honest in what I write.

          • No body can quote God “word for word” – the best we do these days is to quote a translation of what some one said God told them. And that is four or five times removed from the source due to translation problems and the loss of nuance that is due to thousands of years of language drift. Both in the original language and the translation.

            Think of an annotated Shakespeare. And we are only 400 years from that.

            Even if the Bible is “literal truth” we have little idea of what that literal actually is.

  9. (JugEarsButtHurt)
    ….Nice piece SW!
    Of all the people I listened to in the past…Savage used to be my least favorite…I thought him a narcissist…and only listened to him if Rush, Levin (who took me a while to get used too) and a couple of others.
    Now!…I look forward to listening to him!

    • Oh, he is batshit crazy, don’t get that wrong. Half Conservative and half Libertarian, but he does know that America is under assault by Marxists who are trying to Cloward-Pivens the system to bring about their Marxist Utopia.

  10. Excellent post, Oscar!

    So many great thoughts, but this sticks with me: “So how did we end up with this knife sticking in our backs?”

    Great question that I’m not sure how we prevent in the future without turning into cynics, which is incompatible with conservatism.

    • “Great question that I’m not sure how we prevent in the future without turning into cynics, which is incompatible with conservatism.”

      As my grandpappy always used to say, (in a thick Eastern European accent) “They are all crooks.”

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