Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

When Ted Cruz first announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, I was thrilled. At the time, all I really knew about Ted Cruz, is that he was a firebrand Senator from Texas, who had a very admirable resume. He had argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court of the United States, and been the law clerk for William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States, and had served his home state as Solicitor General with distinction. I knew that he was a Christian and a Conservative.

So, Ted was my first choice as a candidate for the Republican Party. Then along came Donald J Trump. No, Trump did not automatically become my first choice. I was watching with great interest the impact that his candidacy was having on the entire political process, and was absolutely loving it. The self anointed political aristocracy was going stark raving mad. The GOP Establishment had betrayed their base (Which included me) over and over and over again for decades, and their betrayals were becoming more blatant and in our face with each passing betrayal. Trump was making them gnash their teeth and pee all over themselves.

Yet, despite how much I was enjoying watching the GOP Establishment set their hair on fire over Donald Trump, I was hoping that Trump was clearing a path for Ted Cruz.

Then came Iowa. Ted did something that shocked me to my core, something that revolted me. It wasn’t one thing, it was actually two. I found those two particular acts utterly revolting. First his campaign staff sent out a flier very specifically designed to look just like a Department of Elections notice that threatened to disqualify primary election voting right to individuals and expose their voting record, if they did not vote for Ted Cruz. Then his campaign staff wilfully and intentional spread the false rumour that Ben Carson was cancelling his campaign and withdrawing from the race.

In short, Ted Cruz made himself, or his campaign staff made him look like an amoral win at any cost sleazy lawyer. There is absolutely nothing even remotely either Conservative nor Christian about embracing and adhering to the ideology that “The End Justifies the Means”. The ideology that “The End Justifies the Means” is as diametrically opposed to the moral and ethical values of both Christianity and Conservatism as it is possible to be.

That is when I took my first step back from Ted Cruz. I still was considering that perhaps Ted Cruz as Donald Trump’s Vice President would be a good Conservative remedy to the current corruption that has engulfed Mordor on the Potomac. Perhaps, after all, it wasn’t Ted Cruz who had masterminded those two utterly repugnant acts. Perhaps those were unauthorized actions taken by members of his campaign staff.

Then came this.

Cruz says Drudge to blame for email claiming Rubio quitting

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sought to explain away a supporter’s decision to spread rumours of Marco Rubio’s exit from the 2016 race by blaming the Drudge Report website.

In an interview with Fox News personality Megyn Kelly that aired on Wednesday, Cruz said an email casting doubt on Rubio’s viability came from a volunteer in Hawaii that is not affiliated with his presidential campaign. “Our legal counsel sent them a letter saying take that email down [that] one volunteer sent out. And by the way, they forwarded a CNN story that was the lead story on Drudge is what the volunteer did,” Cruz said.

“[We asked] them to take it down anyway, why? Because we knew that other campaigns would seek to try to attack my integrity because a volunteer forwards a story that’s the lead story on Drudge to other voters. And we knew that reporters would do what you’re doing, which is ask, ‘Doesn’t this prove you’re unethical that voters are forwarding links to news stories?'”

Kelly protested that she did not phrase the question in that way, and Cruz was shown replying that he has “no idea” if the news of Rubio’s demise is true or false.”This is the way politics is played. Where if you have a campaign, the Rubio campaign, they don’t want to focus on the issues, they want to talk about Donald’s hands,” Cruz continued. “How about focusing on how we solve the problems in this country?”

When his campaign staff knowingly and wilfully spread the exact same rumour about Ben Carson, Ted Cruz did the exact same thing, which is to say, instead of accepting responsibility for what his campaign staff had done, he tried to blame CNN.

Sorry Ted, do something once, and it might be considered an accident, do the exact same thing twice, and it is evidence of a pattern of behaviour. In this case, it is clearly an indication that you and your campaign staff 100 percent subscribe to the ideological maxim that “The End Justifies the Means”. The ideology that “The End Justifies the Means” is neither Christian nor Conservative, and I for one cannot support anyone who I believe subscribes to that ideology.


21 thoughts on “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  1. Oh, don’t tell me that Senator Ted Cruz is part of the Establishment after all. THAT outsider? Tell me it ain’t so, joe!! Well it must be since Lindsey Graham has endorsed him and is going to fund raise for him!! This is too much. Well, Ted it’s too bad that this had to come out, since you’ve tried to hide it so long.

    I’ve known you were Establishment for quite some time, Ted.

    Lindsey and any other of the GOPe may not be enough help though Ted.

    Whatever are you going to do with Donald Trump and ta da…Johnny boy Kasich? You could join Rubio:-)

  2. A special hello to Scrumpy! And also to Sponge Puppy! And if Jackie is who I think, hello to you too! If not, hello anyway, LOL
    Whenever I pop in to hotgas, I have a difficult time trying to match the new names to the old:-)

    Hmm, sandandsea2015…Hello to you too. If you remember me from that place that won’t be mentioned, then I most likely know you!

    • I was Mother of Pearl at the place we do not name. 🙂 It’s good to see you. I was on QOTD mostly and occasionally on threads during the day. Glad you are here! I am at Conservative Treehouse and Hotgas as Mom2Many. Hope to see you again!

  3. What is most important Oscar is that the second time you were aware of Senator Ted Cruz’s deceiving ways, you made a correction. Many Cruz supporters do not want to hear the truth about him and won’t discuss any facts.

    Ted Cruz has many, even in my own family convinced that he is a Christian just because he says so. Unlike you, they don’t look for evidence to back up his statement. Ted Cruz has deceived many in various ways and those that reject hearing the truth about him deceive themselves.

    President Reagan said to trust, but verify. So you are in good company since you did:-) Wish my family members would do the same!

    Nice to see your various topics. First time I’ve had extra time to check back in. Also, hope you are doing well as I think about you and the trials you are going through and pray help has come your way.

    • Donald Trump Rally in Salt Lake City, Utah. Live stream waiting on him. 9pm 3/18/16 Just type in your browser “” without quotes.

  4. Excellent truthful article. Thank you for writing what is of importance to so many. Your articles always make me think things through more throroughly. Thank You Mr Grey!!

  5. Excellent read Oscar.

    I always learn something new reading your articles. They are enjoyable and informative.

  6. You really are something…since when does a candidate tell each and every staffer what to do, say and think? The two things mention don’t bother me at all. It is the citizens that believe every flyer or tid bit t of information flying around. If people are that gullible and can be manipulated so easily…we do indeed have problems. But Ted…..he has my vote. The nasty Trump is a piece of work.

  7. Yeah, Trump calls him lying Ted for a reason. Sad. My family worked hard to get him elected to the senate in Texas. He also has tons of GOPe money backing him as well as Neil Bush. He is establishment and saying your not over and over does not make it true. Truly disappointing. Sorry my friend.

    • Over the years, a tragic thing has happened to me, in fact, it has happened more than I care to admit. I have been fooled and deceived. It has happened often enough, that now I am somewhat prone to questioning the veracity of what I am told. Tell me you are a Christian, and I will accept it, but I will also watch to see if what you do shows evidence of you at least trying to live up to that assertion. the same is true when someone tells me that they are a Conservative. I know and accept that neither Christians nor Conservatives are perfect. So I watch for repeating patterns of behaviour. That is all I know to do. I am not so smart that I cannot be deceived or fooled.

      • I think what your experiencing is a normal feeling. It’s utter shock and dismay to see how much the RNC has lied to us. They would prefer we not even show up to vote. Sundance at conservative treehouse calls it battered conservative syndrome. I think that’s pretty fitting. Don’t ever give up, though. Keep fighting the good fight! Trump is far from perfect but I think he is the disinfectant we need to get rid of the cockroaches. 🙂

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