Mitt Romney; The bucket of used camel snot edition.

There was a time, when I actually thought Mitt Romney was a decent stand up kind of guy. Holy Crap was I ever mistaken.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivered a scorching indictment of Donald Trump on Thursday, calling him a phony, a fraud, a misogynist and a bully who threatens America’s future.

Let me put this into its proper context for you. During the 2008 and 2012 presidential election cycles, the GOP Establishment had their useless imbeciles pushing two very specific memes on the Republican base.

1) That the 2008/2012 elections were so critical to the survival of America, that if the Democrats succeeded in putting Obama in the Whitehouse, America as we knew it was finished.

2) that the only way to avoid #1, was by voting for the Republican nominee, regardless of who it turned out to be.

Basically, the GOP Establishment has been saying, you have to do what we tell you because America is only one election away from utter destruction. At some point it finally occurred to me (that would be when I learned that it was John McCain’s own staff who ambushed Sarah Palin), that if America genuinely was one election away from utter destruction, then that one election was behind us, not in front of us.

In 2010 the GOP Establishment was handed the keys to the House of Representatives, in 2014 the key’s to the Senate. What did they do with those keys? The stabbed their base in the back repeatedly and with abundant joy and zeal.

At the beginning of this election cycle, the GOP Establishment made a huge dog and pony show out of publicly demanding that Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump swear an oath to support the eventual Republican nominee.

Mitt Romney made several things abundantly clear with his attack on Donald Trump. He made it utterly and indisputably clear that the elitist self anointed aristocratic Republican Establishment do not and never have actually believed that America was only one election away from utter destruction. He also made it utterly and indisputably clear that the GOP Establishment does not consider loyalty to the nominee worth keeping, unless the nominee was the one they choose.

I have said this before, though I believe it bears repeating. We, who are the republican Base, have awoken. We know that you in the elitist aristocracy have betrayed us. We are not as stupid or gullible as you think we are. Nor are we as forgiving as you hope we are.

We have done something to you, you have not figured it out yet, you are way to smart to figure it out. We, the Base, have forced you the Establishment into a position of having to burn the Republican Party to the fucking ground. Go ahead, follow Mitt Romney right off the cliff, you have nowhere else to go any more. You were warned again and again, you chose to ignore those warnings, instead believing that you could lie the Republican Base back to sleep again. Except, that isn’t happening this time.

Oh, and Romney, McConnell, McCain, Ryan and the rest of you GOP Establishment treasonous backstabbing bastards, I pray to god that in your narcissistic arrogance you totally ignore Judge Jeanine Pirro warning to you. What ever you do, do not reconsider your actions or words, Do not be careful. Be Louis the XVII and Marie-Antoinette, and yes, I do pray to god you end up the same way Louis and Marie did.


7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney; The bucket of used camel snot edition.

  1. I thought Romney was a stand up guy too. Now I’m sorry I ever took the time to go see him at an event and shook his hand. What an arrogant, elitist piece of work.

  2. Many have stated it before, but it’s so true that I must repeat.
    If only they had fought Obama and the Dems with HALF the gusto, they wouldn’t be experiencing such “discomfort” at the moment.

    Another fine post, Oscar.

  3. Past his ‘ sell by ‘ date in years !
    However my first thought was how he embarrassed his
    family because that crap he spewed lives forever .

  4. Here? Am I here? If I am here goes…..

    Romney is just another in the long line of lyin low life snakebellied traitors foisted on us by our betters. For 35 years-that I know of- we’ve begged,pleaded,cajoled,and even asked nicely for our kind of man, to no avail.

    Possibly the Trump rebellion will produce some results, if not a win. Some of those snakes are starting to see the light. Just some. Pressure is the only thing those rats understand. Mebbe it will work, I dunno.

    If it doesn’t work, I hope it burns into little carbon particles.

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