A silly Sunday morning thought to ponder…

So, after the SC primaries, and given a speech he made, there are some out there who are suggesting that Newt Gingrich might be in the running for a spot as Trumps’ Vice Presidential Runningmate.

Now we all know that Trump’s basic platform is, “Let’s Make America Great Again”… What if Newt ran on a similar platform, “Let’s make NASA Great Again”…

How many of you could get behind that ticket if Newt and Donald promised that Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton would be the first Americans to land on Mars? And by land, I mean, become permanent residents there. (ok, yea that’s hyperbole, neither of them should be allowed to go)

John F Kennedy really pushed America to the forefront of science and technology with his program to put a man on the moon. Newt would like to see both a permanent base on the moon, and a manned mission to Mars. Newt understands (even if he doesn’t really know it) something that the Book of Proverbs tells us about human beings and especially Nations.

Proverbs 29:18

Without a Vision, the People Perish.

Both Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich get this on a gut sort of level. In my personal opinion, the way to get America back on the right track, begins with giving the Nation a lofty, yet achievable vision. Lock that vision in stone as JFK did with the mission to land a man on the moon and return him safely, and America begins to correct its tragically self indulgent and narcissistic floundering.

Defeating Islamic Terrorism, sad to say, is not a noble and lofty goal, its a harsh and brutal necessity, its the kind of goal that makes a nation bone weary. What America desperately needs is a gloriously noble and lofty goal to aspire to, a goal that will lift us up so that the bone wearing task of defeating Islamic Terrorism does not leave us dead inside.

Now I have said my piece, what say you?


50 thoughts on “A silly Sunday morning thought to ponder…

  1. Dorian Grey 1 is the first Grey from the planet Doria to be kept at Wright Patterson Air force base.

    There are a least 10 others.

  2. I have a genuine request pertaining to NASA. I would like to see a conservative administration do unto NASA as I would have them do unto other alphabet agencies. Namely, clean house.

    I want all the PC-SJW-Climate Change-Muslim Outreach hooligans booted out the door. Pronto.

    Return NASA to its former glory and intended mission.

    • having worked there… JPL/NASA
      the place is littered with leftist and their agendas..
      one look at the bumper stickers in the parking lots will tell you this..
      you are 100% correct… sad to say..

        • well the admins hire like minded ppl..
          and conservatives are a whispering lot.. in the darker corners..
          part of it may come because NASA/Space was promised not to be militarized ..
          and the Gov pays for it.. and the DOD want to sneak a few bits in space..
          so you openly hear the admins say,, “not on my watch” stuffs..

            • don’t think I didn’t love every minute of being there…
              would go back in a minute…
              some of the brightest minds you will ever see,,
              I am proud to have worked there,, and to have parts on mars..
              the campus is loaded with history.. I was in Pasadena..
              all of the missions have mock up models.. which are in all of the buildings lobbies..
              with complete mission explanations and history to read about..
              space toys hanging from the rafters… whats not to love…
              I drove thru LA 48 miles each way from Long Beach to get there..
              some of the worst traffic on the planet…
              I was thrilled to go there 6 days a week… 🙂

              • I understand your sentiment and I don’t blame you for wanting to return. Amazing work done there.

                I lived in Pasadena for a few years. Loved that city and loved the occasional drive past JPL.

                Wow, Long Beach to JPL. Lol, “48 miles” doesn’t sound so far but I am familiar with those freeways. That’s some dedicated driving, sir!

                • the place I worked at before that, and currently work for (from home)
                  was 64 miles away from Long Beach…
                  that’s 128 miles of LA driving daily..
                  but I was living on the sand…priceless…

        • When I was working in Aerospace, it was almost exclusively the upper management admins who were liberal. On the assembly floor, or in layup, or even in engineering, the majority were conservatives. Thought to be truthful, while we did do subcontract stuff for NASA fairly often, unlike the guys who G2M worked with, we were not actually NASA. Plus we were considerably to the south of Pasadena, in San Diego County, which is notoriously much more conservative than Pasadena.

          • when I was at TRW, Hughes, Boeing, Mc’Douglas et all.. I would say that exact same thing ow,
            I think the difference is that while we made satellites at TRW, they also made missiles..
            Hughes had its Space n Com group,, I was in radar sys.. we made the F14D radar..
            so space was part of the total work.. it wasnt their ONLY work..
            but NASA… JPL doesn’t have a military side… at all..
            they rely on DARPA and gov groups like that..
            JPL was like a University campus .. peaceniks , geeks, tech junkies, and long hairs.. khaki’s..
            60 different kinds of flora and fonna on campus… deer everywhere.. and great food..
            best food I ever ate at a job…. hands down…
            heck.. even the food was subsidized by the company… so meals were cheap/healthy and to keep you at work longer…

          • laffs.. I remember when I was at TRW.. I worked in the Space side for years..
            SLCSAT, LSAT, TDRESS,, blah blah.. then I got to join a group working on HEL’s
            high energy laser.. mostly at that time it was ground based testing of a LARGE devise..
            but, our motto was “beam the bomb”.. so you could say we had a more militaristic .. POV…

  3. I agree with Oscar. We need to kickstart our nation with a space mission in mind. However, I think bams should be sent to the moon, by himself. So he’d be forced to look back at earth each and every day. I don’t know if narcissist feel regret for anything but at least he wouldn’t be able to play golf.
    Hill and Bill deserve to be with each other and only each other. They alone should be sent to Mars (without tacos) and with a camera for the first ever 24/7 reality show. Tang should be their only nourishment. Inside their capsule, constantly broadcasted from earth and can never be turned off, the song “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters
    Any bets how long Bill would last before pulling out his life support hose?

    • if Bill pulled HER life support ,,,
      he would finally be rid of cankles…
      he could pull out the inflatable date he smuggled onboard..
      and.. if needed..
      he could dine on cankles n rice for a while… with red wine flavored tang…

  4. Yup, I agree with Oscar. We had the Industrial Revolution, Moon Landing, and Age of Silicon Valley that happened when the populations went thru their growth spurts. We need something to kickstart the nation
    once again and I think space

  5. Obama and Clinton should be shipped, third class post, to Charon. I choose this destination because it affords the potential occupants the lunar equivalent of what Elba afforded Napoleon, and offers the opportunity for them both to learn the lessons of Tantalus, in that the Earth, and power, would remain visible but eternally beyond their reach.

    I agree emphatically that human beings require challenges and new horizons to thrive. Human beings require physical, mental, and emotional tests to keep them moving forward. Without new frontiers to conquer we stagnate and lose our zest for life grow destructive and fall to war with one another.

    However, I’d also like to see some restrictions regarding the uses permitted on the moon, since I’m a romantic by nature and hate to think of the moon used for nefarious purposes, or becoming a disposal site, landfill, or littered wasteland.

    The moon belongs to all humanity. It has been our constant companion since the first being ever lifted wondering eyes to the night sky. Chaperon of lovers. Inspiration of poets. Commander of tides.

    Besides, we may enjoy the concerts there:


    Was it Pink Floyd? Apollo 10 astronauts heard mysterious ‘music’ on the dark side of the moon, newly uncovered tapes reveal

    While orbiting the moon in 1969, the Apollo 10 team heard ‘weird music’
    They were on the far side of the moon, so it couldn’t have come from Earth
    The team debated whether to tell NASA command back home
    Recordings of the event were declassified in 2008, and will be played on Science Channel’s NASA’s Unexplained Files this month
    See the latest Nasa updates at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/nasa

    By James Wilkinson For Daily Mail Online

    Published: 01:01 EST, 21 February 2016 | Updated: 12:32 EST, 21 February 2016

    Skillful, thoughtful, well planned exploration and colonization would be beneficial to science as well as a boon to the human condition.

  6. I gave you a 4 star vote… mostly because you slam mars in the bit..
    but also because I got no handmade tocos yesterday…
    we’re so far from a good toco stand up here , I had to go out and get pizza yesterday..

      • he went on and on,, in truly rock star fashion, about how well his brother made tocos..
        the shells.. fresh… hot…and hard…. the yummy insides and toppings… CHEESE..!!!
        you could tell it was all rock star lingo…code…
        taunting those of us that are toco-less…sad really..
        FREE TOCOS for ALL AMERICANS..!!…(send the rock star the tab).. I say

  7. Barry and Hillary would make a terrific impact on Mars.

    The grease spots they would leave would become emblematic of the puckered sphincters they were on earth.

    Legions of extremophile bacteria would swarm their sand blasted remains at the site of their Martian dirt nap.

    Once again my Brilliant my sagacious colleague Oscar who parts times as a princely pickle farmer has come up with a grand idea.

  8. “Newt and Donald promised that Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton would be the first Americans to land on Mars?”
    hey..!!!… what kind of commie mars hater are you mr rock star??…
    people got mad when we launched fissile material to the red planet..
    now you propose to pollute the poor lil red planet.. perhaps for ever..!!
    please put me down as a NO vote on this…. tyvm

  9. The only downside to this is sending Obama and Clinton to the moon – not far enough. They’d get there in our lifetime. Mars, or someplace further would more desirable. America is now facing the same problem that has plagued many countries since the arrival of the “mulitculturalism” nightmare. Somehow your recent ancestral nationality has become more important than you current nationality (not even about “ethnicity”, what ever the hell that means). Hence everybody is striving to be a hyphenated something, rather than “an American”. It’s really a means for the left to de-legitimize nation states it can’t co-opt.

  10. “Newt and Donald promised that Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton would be the first Americans to land on Mars?”
    hey rock star… what you got against Mars??…
    are you some kinda mars hater…

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