T800 to take your job.

Well hell, as if it weren’t bad enough that illegal aliens are crowding the job market and taking jobs from citizens, now there is another threat to peoples jobs.

Humanoid robots to manufacture planes

Humanoid robots that can carry out difficult tasks during plane manufacturing are being developed by Airbus and the Joint Robotics laboratory.

Using humanoids on aircraft assembly lines will make it possible to relieve human operators of the most laborious and dangerous tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on more valuable tasks that cannot be carried out by machines.

The four year project will attempt to research and develop solutions for a number of issues around using humanoid robots in manufacturing.

One of the most prominent difficulties for these robots will be to work in a confined environment and move without colliding with the numerous surrounding objects.

This is the first issue researchers will have to solve by developing new algorithms for the planning and control of precise movements.

Due to the size of aircraft, and the very high number of tasks that need to be executed on a limited number of units, the use of specialised fixed-base robots, like those already in use by the automotive industry, is impossible in the aeronautical industry.

Today the robots are building aircraft, tomorrow, what? Barista at Starbucks? Will they be doing the jobs American’s refuse to do, like picking fruit and vegetables? Insurance salesperson? Doctor? Lawyer? Would you go see an all robot band? Robot heavyweight boxer? Will your next meal at a restaurant be cooked by a robot cook?


41 thoughts on “T800 to take your job.

  1. Hi Oscar, Hope you are feeling better. I’m not watching any TV, but have these links up.


    Live stream & Donald J.Trump to speak, but not sure when:

    This guy is a BIG Trump supporter:


    From what the blogs are saying is that Donald J. Trump is winning in most all S.C. Counties.

    Exciting night!!

  2. Oscar, get well soon eh!! So, who’s floating around on FB? Anyone? I won’t… Catch ya all later, bye for now!! Hugs to all 🙂

    • This old pickle farmer perhaps might not object to a couple of robot assistant pickle farmers, but full fledged robot pickle farmer… Bah… that shall be left to the evil corporate pickle farms…

      • Did I ever mention my uncle became a multi millionaire with his brothers in the pickle business? Their brand was Chipico or Chicago Reese. They raised cucumbers in CO and the midwest. They also pickled relish, and green tomatos. My cousin spoke Spanish and managed the bracero workers.

    • P.S. I don’t use WordPress or Disqus so can’t post at the other hangouts. And I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, LOL I’m disconnected expect for you Oscar!! Thank you!! Oh, HA is a mess. I know, but I peeked today:-)

      • Please accept my apology for not responding to you sooner. I am down with the flu or a cold or something. Have spent most of the day in bed. Its nothing serious, just has me exhausted.

        • No problem, anytime for you is fine with me. I’m sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you have a neighbor or relative to bring you some 7up, alka-selzer, jello etc. Liquids and rest are the only thing to get through it , as I’m sure you know.

          If you get or have a fever, get to a Dr. or the E.R. & don’t wait!

          Mom’s mother anyone that is sick!! It’s in our DNA:-)

        • Thank you Karen. Trying to make up my mind if I want a Disqus or WordPress account. So intrusive imo as I’ve researched them both.

          Glad to see you also and others that I know.

            • Scrumpy!! It has been ages since I’ve “seen” you! Long live the Gulch though:-) Hope all is well with you.

              I do use yahoo, so will see if that will work. Thanks for the suggestion.

        • I’m going to say Hi OC! You know I’d mess up WordPress & Disqus, since I can’t even tell if you were replying to me or not, LOL Hope you are well & nice to see you!

          I miss HA but only because we all could comment there, or at least I could:-) What I don’t understand is that Oscar has WordPress & I can post here, but I don’t think I can post on hotgas? When I try a window pops up asking for a WordPress account info. Oscar’s doesn’t so I can enter my email, nom and that’s all. I love simple!!

      • Hi bluefox, I was hoping we could all land in one place but I can see now it won’t be that big of deal. I’ll just check HotGas, Axe’s, and Oscar’s each night. Really no different than commenting on different threads going on HotAir some nights.

        • Hi Wolverinefan! One place would be nice but we’ll make do for now. At least each of us have a place to connect. It would have been awful if we had been scattered!!

          Appreciate those that volunteered their sites so we orphans had a place to go!

          Nice to see you pop up & Scrumpy too!!

  3. As usual you make several excellent points, my friend. It seems very few employment positions will be safe from the advancement of AI and robotics.


    Will AI Take Writing Jobs Away from Content Marketers?

    “Over the past decade, as robots and other machines have begun to perform many jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively than the humans who previously did them, those of us in writing jobs have breathed a sigh of relief. Computers might be great at math, manufacturing, and data analysis. They might be able to fly planes and even perform surgery. But they can’t think, and therefore, they can’t write.

    Except now they can.

    You’ve probably already read at least one story written by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, i.e. “robo-writers.” And chances are, you didn’t even know it.”

    * Blue collar, white collar, agriculture to the financial sector, medicine to the arts, AI and robotics will continue to erode employment opportunities for that antiquated commodity, human beings. There is a global unemployment disaster looming on the horizon in economic terms, but the more pressing question is whether human beings will be able to adapt quickly enough to avoid what promises to be a series of humanitarian disasters as a direct result of that widespread unemployment.



    Advances in artificial intelligence will soon lead to robots that are capable of nearly everything humans do, threatening tens of millions of jobs in the coming 30 years, experts warn.

    “We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task,” said Moshe Vardi, director of the Institute for Information Technology at Rice University in Texas.”

  4. Oops, I went on a rant and forgot all about the working robots. If illegal immigration does indeed get curbed, I look to many companies to invest in this technology.

    All of the major business publications have published pieces on this subject, almost all with the conclusion: “Don’t worry.”

    Which makes me worry even more.

  5. The reason American’s “can’t or won’t do” most of the jobs that migrants now do is because they have been priced out of the market by people that are always willing to do the job for 60% of what an American would demand. And it’s gone way, way beyond picking crops.

    I find it hilarious when people accuse me of racism for supporting limited immigration when it’s exactly the opposite. I KNOW that many illegals are smart and diligent enough to quickly learn most any job, including ones that require basic computer skills (most jobs do nowadays), skilled training in a trade, or even competently performing safety-sensitive work. I know this because I’ve seen it. I don’t blame them, given the current “opportunity level” this country affords, I blame the government for allowing it to happen.

    It is keeping both wages and upward mobility down in far more industry than just agriculture, and Republicans are allowing it to happen for that very reason. “Global competitiveness.” So where does that end? When our wages are even with the Chinese or Indonesians?

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