GOP Establishment betrayal still Alive and Kicking.

Well, it would seem that the verdict is now officially in now. The GOP Establishment has not learned a single fucking thing from the popularity of the Trump campaign. Make no mistake about this, whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, his popularity as a candidate is driven primarily by the Republican Party Bases anger at the GOP Establishment’s constant and unending betrayal of of their own base.

It now appears absolutely certain that they are about to betray their base and all of America yet again.

GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick

Even before Mr. Obama stated his case, there were signs that Republican unity was wavering on the notion of blocking any nominee out of hand.

SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, didn’t rule out confirmation hearings and a vote by his panel on an Obama selection.

“I would wait until the nominee is made before I would make any decision,” Mr. Grassley said Tuesday in a conference call with Iowa radio reporters. “In other words, take it a step at a time.”

Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina Republican, voiced caution about blocking any Obama nominee automatically.

“I think we fall into the trap if [we] just simply say, sight unseen, we fall into the trap of being obstructionists,” Mr. Tillis said on Tyler Cralle’s radio show.

But Mr. Tillis added of the president, “If he puts forth someone that we think is in the mold of President Obama’s vision for America, then we’ll use every device available to block that nomination.”

A top aide to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, responding to Mr. Tillis’ comments, predicted that Mr. McConnell will eventually retreat from his stance of blocking any Obama nominee without a hearing.

There you have it folks, the face of betrayal. If their are any Republicans that deserve to be primaried and kicked to the curb, here are two perfect examples.

Barack Obama has already nominated and had confirmed two of the least qualified and most liberal Justices in American history. The damage to America that Kagan and Sotomayor not only already have done, but indisputable will do is incalculable. Now Obama is seeking to increase that damage by appointing yet another Marxist Justice onto the SCOTUS.

ANY Republican Senator or Congressman who does not adamantly oppose allowing Obama to seat another Justice to the SCOTUS deserves nothing less that to be primaried and sent packing. It is 100 percent within the power and authority of the Senate to prevent Obama from further corrupting the SCOTUS. Any failure on their part, can only be seen as another GOP Establishment intentional betrayal of not only their party base, but all of America.


58 thoughts on “GOP Establishment betrayal still Alive and Kicking.

  1. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

    As conservatives we are not yet coalesced behind any one candidate,
    and that is fine at this point, but there is ONE thing we can and all
    should coalesce on and that is putting pressure on Republican Senators
    to deny Obama the placement of another leftist on the Supreme Court.

    Weneed to call senators, we need to contact PACs, we need to flood the
    conservative spectrum and let it be known that any Republican who votes
    with the dems on any Obama nominee will be targeted, by money and
    campaign aid to defeat them in their next election.

    If each of us were to say something on the conservative blogs we frequent, the shows we listen too, email the hosts, etc. Maybe a groundswell could be created that could scare the Republican squishes straight.

    This is nearly as important, if not more important, than our coming Presidential election.

    Can this be done?

  2. The only hill the GOP Establishment will ever find is the political boot hill we direct them to for continual betrayal of the electorate in service to the donor class. There will never be a “hill to die on” as long as they think they can be re-elected and keep their feet under the most comfortable table.

  3. “GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick”

    Did anyone honestly expect then to finally grow some balls, a spine and stand against the democrats and Obama?

    Hasn’t the emergence of Trump given them the slightest clue what people want? What this country needs?

    People want leaders with a backbone. Someone who will fight for them regardless of the hits they take, regardless of what it does to their political careers.

    They still don’t get it. I think they don’t want to.

  4. I will say that I am not surprised to see signs of waffling from our esteemed-in-their-own-eyes representatives. I am, however, embarrassed to admit that I assumed they would put up a united “hill to die on” front for a bit longer.

    • In public at least Mitch McConnell is still pretending that this is a hill to die on. If that is how he really feels, then this is some of the most deliciously ironic schadenfreude conceivable.

      He and his have betrayed and stabbed their base in the back so many times with impunity, to have a few of their own trusted Establishment traitors stab them in the back, well, as I said, incredibly delicious schadenfreude.

    • Yep, their affirmations have almost become pro-forma, stated to raise the hopes of the base, but only to last for mere moments before the next cave. They’ve pretty much come to the point of issuing the opposition affirmation and immediately walking off the stage to the capitulation to Obama meeting.

  5. “Barack Obama has already nominated and had confirmed two of the least qualified and most liberal Justices in American history.”

    Under the threat of you’re sexist if you don’t confirm them (and we know how much the GOPe hates being called names.) How will Obama further dumb down the court? Scary stuff.

    Coffee’s on…

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