Hot; the light have gone out…

Well, we knew this was coming. In a manner that we have all become all to familiar with, Hot Air has made its transition to Facebook. Just as the GOP Establishment didn’t give a shit what its actual base wanted, neither did Ed/Salem Communications. They gave the people who brung them in the fist place the old, Do it our way, or go fuck yourself.

Basically is comes down to this, Ed Morrissey, Allahpundit and Salem Communication wanted more money. They wanted to spend less time earning that money and to earn more at the same time. It is and has been all about money for quiet some time. Anything that gets in-between them and increased profits has to go.

In short, they have become utterly indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton. Mo money, mo money, mo money, wif out using yo money… And there it is folks. Just like what the GOP Establishment did to its Conservative base. They sold out their principals for mo money. Not to say, or suggest or imply that Ed Morrissey or Allahpundit every had any principals that weren’t for sale to the highest bidder. Even since his Captains Quarters days, Ed was always a GOP Establishment useless imbecile.

The Captains Quarters was always a gimmick, Ed was never a Captain of any sort and his wife and kids were never shipmates. It was just a writers gimmick to attract a customer base.


EDIT: As a caveat I should add, that Ed and Salem Communication fully expect  most of their old customer base to surrender and sign up for Facebook, because, after all, where else do you have to go. Just like the fucking traitors running the GOP Establishment.


52 thoughts on “Hot; the light have gone out…

  1. I almost forgot. 8pm tonight-NEWS: Joe & Mika will moderate a town hall with Donald Trump airing in prime time tonight at 8pmET @MSNBC

    Competing directly with CNN’s long-schedule town hall with Trump’s two closest competitors, Cruz & Rubio.

    • ROTFLMAO… Trump is showing everyone that it really is possible to beat both the political class and the mainstream media at their own game.

      I predict that the new and now Marxist Liberal blog Hot Air will cover Rubio-Cruz townhall, and ignore the Trump townhall.

      Furthermore, that the comment section will become a bloody disaster area as the new troglodyte trolls explode with Trump Derangement Syndrome totally screwing up Ed’s agenda to promote Rubio.

  2. Such a betrayal. And I was with Ed at Captain’s Quarters. You have a comment section because you want readers to participate in the blog. If there’s a problem with the comment section (civility, signing up, etc.) announce it and ask for input. Offer suggestions. What you don’t do is out of the blue announce a change, and a change to the absolute worst system that is bound to tic off your audience. And then only give a 24 hour notice.

    At least MKH has her Fox gig.


  3. Thank you to our Rock Star host for another soft place to land after the violent HA ejection.

    I’m enjoying your posts.
    Just one quibble. Re your EDIT, I disagree a bit. I do not think Ed and the gang assumed we would get FB accounts. I think they were killing 2 (or perhaps 3) birds with one stone.

    They get to do a non-banhammer banning of most conservatives plus encourage the new FB commenters to “share, share, share” across the interwebs and finally, as you’ve stated, more money.

    They truly don’t care how many people comment. It’s all about the clicks.

    I told a friend that I think they should officially change their name to HotMess.

    • 4Grace, it is such a pleasure to see you here.

      I admit that I think to some degree you are correct. They knew that a pretty good number of the old Conservative commentors were never going to go to FB. But, they also believe that many of them eventually will surrender and go there. They believe that they are the ones calling all of the shots. They are counting on the more moderate of the conservatives getting reestless and eventually returning. Kind of the same attitude that the GOP Establishment has. The old, you’ll come back, and thereby admit that we are in control, because in the end, you don’t have anywhere else to go.

      Oh, and yes, it really is a money thing. Money is POWER in their minds and in their world.

  4. Hi Hi (waving)….thanks for the port OW.

    Nice to see some friendly faces. I am missing the QOTD and the laughs.

  5. Great post. Thank you for expressing how I feel.

    I never knew the captain ed thing was just a gimmick and I was reading that site well before he came to hot air. Always thought it meant he served. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  6. Hiya, Fred! Great post! Tho the Fred is going to take some getting used to! 🙂

    I think you nailed exactly what so much hostility to the move and especially towards Ed and AP and their recent actions and inactions.

    I will be checking your spot out regularly! Wishing you best of luck and lots of traffice and ad sales! 🙂

    • There are no ad sales here, any ads you might see, are purely wordpress. (Somebody has to pay to keep the lights on) I don’t get paid for this at all. I am not for sale. This is purely for me a hobbie and a labour of love.

      • Have you ever thought of using the the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Anyone that orders from Amazon would just order through your website. Just an idea. They don’t plaster your site like HA did.

        Thanks for providing this and hope it doesn’t take too much of your time. Be sure to say so if it does.

          • I have never used WordPress before, so have a hard time figuring out who is replying to whom.

            So WordPress wouldn’t allow the Amazon widget. Oh, well.

            Anyway, Amazon gift cards can be sent to your email. More than one way to skin a cat (sorry for the cats, just an expression:-)

    • hi smokey
      yeah this whole thing will take time
      i was over there for many years even
      before the clown got the keys to the car in ’08


  7. Good post, Oscar. I won’t be signing up for Facebook, that is for sure. Most of us seem to have landed at Constantine’s place and Axe’s. HA is now flooded with trolls, Ed’s already had to ban a few.

    • I use Firefox and went over there today but couldn’t see anything. Switched over to IE and then I could. It was pitiful. Felt sorry for Jazz especially since he’s going through a hard time anyway.

      I haven’t liked Salem for a few years, since in 2011 they held a huge fund raiser for McConnell’s re-election. Hugh Hewitt was involved also.

      • I learned a very long time ago, much to my embarrassment and sorrow, that you never really know another persons character until you have been involved in a financial transaction with them where they lose a substantial amount of money and they have the opportunity to get that money back, at your expense, without you knowing. Character is not what you do or say when everyone is watching, it is what you do when you are certain nobody is watching and you can get away with it.

        I watched the things that Ed said and did over at the Captains Quarters for quiet a while before Michelle Hired him. I believe Ed managed to deceive Michelle about what sort of person he really was. I believe she figured it out shortly after, or possibly even shortly before she sold HA to Salem. Which is why, in my personal opinion she made so very very few return visits.

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