Higidly Pigdly portage and pie…

Sooo… It turns out losing your fucking mind really isn’t so bad after all. If I had known I could save so much money I would have done it years ago. All the movies I have rented, all the books I have read, all the trips I have taken. A complete waste of time, energy and money.

Not to mention all the money I have wasted on beer and, well, other stuff…

Come on, who knew you could have so much fun staring at paint splotches trying to decode the ancient alien language? Or figure out how the aliens managed to put those messages there in the first place?

Ok…. SO…. Yea… I am actually confessing to one of my guilty pleasures in life. I love me some totally whacked out fruity loop youtube video’s. Ok… I really have no idea what is going on here… But damn it these video’s are funnier then watching a polar bear smoke pot through an Escimo’s kayak..

Millions of years old vehicle/sledge tracks; Phrygia Valley, Forbidden Archeology Documentary


14 thoughts on “Higidly Pigdly portage and pie…

  1. Those tracks were made by the yoyodyne propulsion gang. They know how to turn rock into soft chocolatey goodness

    • ROTFLMAO… Oh its not just this subject for me. While I do enjoy the ancient alien theories, I just enjoy all of the weird conspiracy theories on youtube. There are soooo many of them. Most of them are so outlandish, based on something odd, a combination of a lack of education in the physical sciences and a complete inability to trust anyone even remotely in a position of authority.

        • Nope… Just people who insist on annoying Bigfoot by chasing him around with their camera’s. Well, except for Walter, he doesn’t annoy me when he chases Bigfoot around, but that’s because I know Walter can’t catch Bigfoot, and I’m pretty sure that after Bigfoot and Walter smoked a couple of bowls of some seriously dank ghanga, Walter would get the interview of the century…

      • See, I can “get on board” and let my mind wander in a lot of the ‘pseudo-science’ stuff, like… Puma Punku, etc.

        I suppose because such subjects are both “ancient,” and “mysterious,” they kind of have a romantic / nostalgic appeal (i.e. relatively harmless) to me.

        On the other hand, many “modern” conspiracies (Pearl Harbor or 9/11 being “inside jobs” etc.) kind of piss me off. But, I suppose in 5 or 10K years, when 99.9% of today’s info is lost, a reincarnated me might think them potentially legit.

        But, yeah, I see how any of it can be funny.

        / We’re all crazy

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