To be, or not to be, that is the question…

At midnight tonight, one of the most influential Conservative Blogs in America will make a significant transition. Hot Air, a blog created by Conservative writer and political pundit, Michelle Malkin will depart the WordPress platform and migrate over to Facebook.

Every since Michelle Malkin sold Hot Air back in 2010, what had once been a Conservative blog had been drifting to the left. With the transition to the Facebook platform that transition will now be complete. Hot Air will be Conservative by past reputation and in name only.

Its last EPIC thread is now well under way, as the individuals who commented in the threads at Hot Air over the last 10 years received the news and begin the painful process of saying their goodbyes.

Sadly, this day has been inevitable since 2010 when Hot Air was purchased by Salem Communications. For those unaware, Salem Communications is a Marxist Media Corporation pretending to be a Conservative Christian Media Corporation. Marxist dressed up in Christian clothing, Marxism preached as though it were Christianity.

For some years now, Hot Air has been doing the same thing, pretending to be a Conservative Blog, but in fact pushing a ever less subtle Socialist agenda. Open Borders, check, Reasonable Fire Arms Regulation, check, Same Sex Marriage, check…

The list of Marxist/Socialist agenda items that Hot Air either endorsed or tacitly endorsed just kept growing…

This is not the first time that a well known and highly respected blog has committed seppuku. Little Green Footballs, owned by 1970/1980s Jazz guitarist (of some note) Charles Johnston committed a similar act of seppuku. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey found a less honest and less dramatic way of telling his customer base to go fuck themselves, but in the end, it amounts to the same thing.

The Social Justice Warriors own Facebook. Hot Air’s days of Conservative commentors voicing their Conservative opinions is over.


137 thoughts on “To be, or not to be, that is the question…

    • I am inclined to suspect that after the other night, that it is less a matter of any technical difficulties, then it is a tactical delay, designed to quote unquote give commentors a chance to cool down and rethink their refusal to migrate over to facebook. A typical GOP Establishment type of tactic.

  1. Good morning everyone, as I am sure most of you know by now, I reside on the Left Coast. So, by the time I get up, have my morning coffee and read my email, and then finally write anything, most of you have been up and productive for some time.

    As I promised last night, I have a new article up regarding where all of our old friends are congregating now that Ed and company have betrayed us, in pretty much the same arrogant and narcissistic manner that the GOP Establishment has for decades now.

    You can always check the main address to see if I have anything new up…

  2. Was just over at HotAir. A couple new threads have shown up, and no sign of any Facebook stuff in the comment sections. I wonder if they saw the light and just quietly let that bright idea go away.

  3. Flat wordpress, thank god google hasn’t purged you. Also, does anyone know how long disqus takes to verify? I can’t post to constantines site till then.

    • Sigh… Newtie hasn’t shown up yet, and Otto isn’t responding to me quite right… He keep throwing my Arrogant Bastard in my face and telling me to deal with it…

  4. Great to see so many here! Never posted at HA but sure learned a bunch from all of you. Learn a lot from you guys over the last few years. It’s a shame what’s happening to HA. Thanks OW/DG/SW for letting us post here!

  5. Was more of a lurker than poster…….always loved ready your commentary on HA. Guess I will just have to lurk here.

  6. BTW, Happy Birthday,Oscar/Dorian/Stephan! Here’s to a long life and many more birthdays.

    Oh, Jackie wants my email, but the one that you can see on my “details” is a dead address. Somebody got to it and started spamming, so shut it down and I have a new addy. Is there a secure way to get it to you so that you can give it to her?

  7. Hey buddy, it’s good to see so many people grouping up and finding each other.
    Again,post Happy Birthday! Also many prayers and blessings for your brother and family.

  8. Hi Dorian,

    I was banned at LGF twice during the crash as well. It feels like deja vu. Hope to follow you here…and others.

    Happy Birthday, such as it is. Prayers for you, your brother and family.


  9. Been here a few times when you’ve posted the link on Hot Air. Will be here more often to read your voice. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to being a part of yours, Constantine’s, and Axe’s site.

    Thank you.


  10. Hey oscarwilde.

    I will be building an anti-social media platform this year. When it’s working, I will send a shout to blink, you, axe, and constantine … and anyone else I can find.

    It’s going to YUGE … as long as I can find enough tuits …

  11. Happy Birthday, Oscar. Or is it Dorian.

    I’ll try to check out this place periodically.

    Undecided about my continued time with Hot Gas. I will watch and see.

  12. Et tu Dorian ? I despise Suckerburg after what he and Angela Merkel
    cooked up in Germany to stop any negative religious comments on Facebook .
    Was very surprised to read that you signed up .
    As for Hot Air ……it’s their prerogative to burn the site to the ground .
    It’s a damn shame and I’ll miss some folks there that did a great job
    giving me some cheer most days .

    • Funny thing about that. I finally surrendered and got a facebook page so that I could keep my family in the loop regarding my brothers cancer therapy.

      Yea, I will be his chauffeur for his chemo and radiation therapy.

      I do not really intend on posting anything political on facebook.

      • Sorry , now I feel like a jerk and you know why .
        Your brother will be in my prayers every day .
        Actually I haven’t met so many cheerful and
        genuinely kind people as I’ve met in these
        clinical situations .
        I hope you and your brother experience the same .

  13. What the hell is going on? Those people know I hate change. Do I have to get a facebook account now? I have avoided that for all this time; and now Salem forces me to if I want to comment. I guess.
    Does this mean that our comment section is now open for anyone to drop in and comment? The hoi poloi,,,the riff-raff…even more trolls…democrats?
    I guess that you’ll be seeing me a bit more often, too, Oscar. πŸ˜‰

  14. I’ll be here more visibly for a while, Mr. Wilde, so that those who wander over from HotAir find another friendly nom, though as you know I’ve been an admirer of your site for some time.

    The post above was an excellent and appropriate eulogy for HotAir.

  15. Great summary Oscar (waving)

    I am simply saddened as many are. You are bookmarked πŸ™‚



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