Seduced by the dark-side.

Yes, it is true, I have in fact finally surrendered and have been seduced by the dark-side. I now have a facebook page…

It went live last night around 10pm PST or so. I don’t know diddle squat about using facebook yet, so if you friend me (not sure why anyone would do that,I’m obviously an idiot studying to be an imbecile and failing miserably) please do not be offended if I don’t respond right away.

As those who know me can sadly attest, I am not very good with social media. I have a twitter account (, but only use it sporadically. You almost (as DolphinCatcher can attest) have to call me to get me to show up on twitter.

I will be trying to be a little more sociable with my facebook page. I look forward to saying hello to anyone who does decide to visit my facebook page.


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