FBI Edition: When liars protest.

Barack Obama tipped his hand, yet again.

In off the cuff remarks to a Television talking head, Barack Obama made it pretty damned clear that he has absolutely no intention of allowing any serious investigation or criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton clearly and indisputable violated the law. Hillary Clinton is at the very upper echelon of the Political Aristocracy. The Laws that apply to regular subjects, yes subjects not citizens, simply do not apply to those in her social class.

The United States of America has passed so far from being a Republic that even Banana Republics now look more legitimate. The Department of Just-us, or as some of us now recognize it, the Department of Injustice only serves to protect the political aristocracy. There is no longer even one single individual possessing integrity or honesty in the Department of Injustice or the FBI, they simply cannot afford it. Telling the truth or having integrity is the surest way to end up being prosecuted in the fatally toxic environment that now suffocates Mordor on the Potomac.

Speaking through a former, but now retired senior F.B.I official, mysterious and unnamed F.B.I. officials are protesting that they are not to blame in the failure to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

A spokesman for the F.B.I. declined to comment. But Ron Hosko, a former senior F.B.I. official who retired in 2014 and is now the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, said it was inappropriate for the president to “suggest what side of the investigation he is on” when the F.B.I. is still investigating.“Injecting politics into what is supposed to be a fact-finding inquiry leaves a foul taste in the F.B.I.’s mouth and makes them fear that no matter what they find, the Justice Department will take the president’s signal and not bring a case,” said Mr. Hosko, who maintains close contact with current agents.Several current and former law enforcement officials, including those close to the investigation, expressed similar sentiments in separate interviews over several days. Most, however, did so only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

This is the kind of CYA that only occurs in utterly corrupt organizations. Everybody knows that they are about to issue a completely bogus and false assertion, they all know that nobody will believe that assertion, and like rats fleeing a sinking ship, they are trying to make sure they are not held personally responsible for the bullshit that they are shoveling.

Its bad enough that after Erick Holder, we know that the current United States Attorney General is utterly and completely without honor or integrity. Loretta Lynch is a political puppet, placed in office to rubber stamp Barack Obama’s agenda. Utterly and completely incapable of acting independently or with honor and integrity. Like Barack Obama who appointed her, she has absolutely ZERO fidelity to the United States Constitution or to the oath of office she swore.

All of which makes the F.B.I’s pretense of protest all the more ironically humorous. Even if the F.B.I had the integrity and honor to do a genuinely honest investigation of Hillary Clinton, {or, well, actually for that matter, anyone or anything,} there is absolutely ZERO possibility that Loretta Lynch’s office would allow a prosecution case to be advanced.

The Obamanation Administration has used Loretta Lynch and the F.B.I as a paint brush, and with them in 100 mile tall letters written across the sky what many have suspected for decades. The Rich and Powerful and especially the Political Aristocracy are not equal under the Law, they live under a completely different legal standard than the subjects of the United States of America.

Yes, this is second time in this piece I have called American’s subject rather than citizens. The reason is as simple as it get’s. When there are two different standards of law, those above the law and those held to the law. Then all of those who are above the law are the ruling class, all of those held to the law are the subjects of the ruling class. Not citizens and only a moments displeasure of the ruling class from being a slave, incarcerated or even eliminated.

The F.B.I can protest all its innocence all it wants, but its protestations are empty, devoid of integrity and just plain insulting. Were anyone in the F.B.I or Lynch’s Department of Injustice to read this, they would no doubt be offended, outraged and insulted. That’s the way it always is when you have sold your honor and integrity for 30 pieces of silver and all you have left is the illusion of honor and integrity. You cannot through your actions prove that you still have something that you voluntarily relinquished long ago. You are left with anger as your only defense. You get angry, offended and insulted that anyone would question your honor and integrity. You get angry because deep down you know that the accusation is true and there is absolutely nothing you can do to restore that which you sold.

According to Dante’s Inferno there is a special place in hell reserved for people who betray. The F.B.I and the Department of Injustice and all who work for them have betrayed the American People and the Constitution of the United States of America. If there really is a ninth circle in hell, then surely these people deserve to be there.


6 thoughts on “FBI Edition: When liars protest.

    • It doesn’t violate the laws of physics. Nor is it fuel free. Yea, I’ve been following this for a couple of years now.

      It uses electricity (generated by solar cells) to produce Microwaves, which it refracts in a chamber which as near as I can tell, then push on Quantum Foam.

      Just how much thrust they will be able to get out of this still remains to be seen.

  1. Did you see that the DOJ has hooked up with the Southern Poverty Law Center to combat ‘domestic terrorism’? The rot is to the bone.


    Note that this is of a piece with the UN’s new Agenda 23 and Obama’s ‘Strong Cities’ initiative that looks like it will allow the UN law enforcement powers in the U.S.


    You know me, I can’t spell fisiks but somebody has done gone and investigated something called ‘the grandfather paradox’

    What would happen to you if you went back in time and killed your grandfather? A model using photons reveals that quantum mechanics can solve the quandary—and even foil quantum cryptography



      Yea, sorry, I looked into Titor years ago and concluded he was a master hoax prankster.

      I actually have something of a background in physics, electronics and computers.

      John’s “Tie Machine” could not be built with the technology available at the time he claims.

      It will be a whole lot more than 36 years before we are able to produce small portable singularities.

      Its actually quiet surprising how long it takes for discoveries in the lab to transition into useful technologies.

      Honda’s ASIMO is a great example. Honda has been developing ASIMO for 50 years, and its still at least 20 years away from reaching the public.

      Its 2015, and we are unable to create singularities. Should by chance we do so in say the next 5 years (profoundly unlikely). It will take at least another 35 years before we learn how to manipulate them in any type of electronic application.

      Just as importantly, should we learn to create stable and controllable singularities, they are far more likely to be used as propulsion devices than as time travel devices.

      In other words, they would be far better suited for Spacecraft engines, than as time travel engines.

      • I KNEW you’d get a kick out of it. I’d never heard of this before and I busted a gut laughing. I’m glad you liked it. And I wish Honda, et. al., would hurry up already. I need someone to do the ironing.

        Singularities scare the hell out of me, so I can wait thank you very much

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