Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

As Donald Trump strode onto the political stage with an unusual gait and confidence, something unexpected happened. A little girl from Kansas’s rather notorious dog repeated his most infamous trick. He pulled back a curtain and exposed for the entire world to see, a collection of old men pretending to be almighty wizards.

The New Media was fast over taking the Old Mainstream Media. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages were replacing the dinosaur print media while online sites like The Blaze and OANN (One America News Network) were chasing hot on the heels of FoxNews and CNN.

Middle Class American’s by and large have figured out that the GOP Establishment, or the Republican Party’s Elitist Leadership if you will, hold them, the Republican Party Base, in contempt and disregard. As House Speaker John “Bonehead” Boehnor and Senate Majority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell launched into vicious attack after attack against Conservatives and especially those Conservatives associated with the TEA Party sentiment it dawned on all but the densest of the Low Information Republican Voters that the Party Leadership was intentionally betraying them.

The anger at this unexpected revelation began to first simmer, then to approach a slow roiling boil. It was however an anger with no real focus point. The base was angry, but what could it do. All across the Blogsphere that anger found outlet, but it had no rallying point. The Pundit’s fed that anger for page clicks, milking it for every penny it was worth.

And then the unspeakable happened.

A focal point appeared out of nowhere. And following right behind that focal point was that damned little dog from Kansas, working its pesky little magic.

Not only were the corrupt Elitist GOP Aristocrats holding the base in contempt… But so were a significant majority of the blogsphere Punditry. It was bad enough that so called Conservative Talking heads and dinosaur print media columnists like Charles Krauthammer and George Will were in reality members of the corrupt elitist political aristocracy, but then it turned out that so were so many Blog pundits. Brave Sir Erick the Yellow (formerly of the supposedly Conservative Blog RedState) had to bravely run away. In those few and precious moments before he pulled his vanishing act, that damned little dog from Kansas once again pulled its little act.

Erick Erickson’s loyal peers in the Blog Punditry knee jerked and came screaming to his defense, thus exposing what was already becoming painfully obvious. That they were not actually Conservatives at all, just writers employing a business strategy of catering to Conservatives to earn a living. In reality, they were lieutenants GOP Establishment, tasked with keeping the dirty smelly ignorant hoi polloi of the Republican Party in line. Day after day they spewed vitriolic diatribe after vitriolic diatribe predicting the eminent demise of the Trump Campaign. Yet despite the best effort to run a IBM styled FUD campaign to destroy Donald Trumps ascending popularity, The Donald just kept getting more popular.

When FoxNew sexbait Megyn Kelly attacked Donald Trump repeatedly during the first Republican Presidential Debate, they gleefully again predicted Trumps demise. Imagine their impotent furry when instead of collapsing into obscurity, Trump surged yet again in popularity and in the polls. One can almost hear Brave Sir Erick the Yellow and his friends yelling back and forth to each other.. “Will no on rid us of this troublesome man?”

The GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocrat heir apparent Jeb Bush was getting crucified in the polls by that damned New Yorker with bad hair and politically incorrect opinions. Yet, just like Louis the XIV and Marie-Antoinette, neither the corrupt GOP Establishment elitist aristocrats nor their lieutenants in the New Media could smell the torches or see the pitchforks that their very own dirty smelly ignorant hoi polloi were carrying as they boldly marched on the Gates of Mordor on the Potomac.

The New Media had nearly succeeded in wresting control away from the old dinosaur mainstream media. The old dinosaur mainstream media had taken nearly 2 centuries to corrupt itself from being watchdogs protecting society, to become Gatekeepers of the precious information that shaped public opinion. What had taken the old dinosaur nearly 200 years to achieve, was taking the New Media closer to 2 decades to achieve.

Indeed, Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss. The new Gatekeepers of the precious information that shapes public opinion, and make no mistake about it, Brave Sir Erick the Yellow, when he said, “You will be made to care” was not just talking about the agenda of the Social Justice Warriors. He was telling you how the New Gatekeepers were going to dispense the precious information that shapes public opinion. You will be made to care…. About what the New Gatekeepers want you to care about. And it is not what the average Christian Conservative Republican Base cares about.

So, here comes Donald Trump, whose inexplicable popularity comes more from the Republican Conservative bases desire to stick the proverbial knife in the Corrupt GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocracy’s chest than from his politically incorrect opinions. The Corrupt GOP Establishment Elitist Aristocracy can no more smell the burning torches or see the glint of pitchforks than Louis the XIV and Marie-Antoinette could.

Vive la Revolution… Molon labe baby… Molon labe…


4 thoughts on “Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

  1. This hits the nail on the head. The conservative base has taken it on the chin, yet still pulled the lever for these bastards to many times. Not being all that keen on “The Donald”, yet I can’t wait to read or hear the next “FU” to the eGOP. I’ll not likely make it the election, but I can only hope the people wake up to the crap that’s fed to them and try to right this ship.

  2. I think you’ve nailed it pretty well. We pretty much knew that Bill Kristal and George Will were pretty much GOPe toadies. It was less obvious that those like Katie Pavlich and Eric Erickson would prove to be so as well.

  3. I was getting worried about you , happy to see your post !
    Couldn’t agree more ! I love watching these clowns squirm .
    Who would have thought we’d be breaking out thr popcorn
    in August ?

    • ROTFLMAO… I certainly didn’t think we would. I was thinking there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth before finally having to boycott another Bush…

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