The Nazi’s were amateurs compared to Planned Murderhood…

In 1944 Dwight D. Eisenhower entered the Nazi forced labor and concentration camp located near Ohrdruf, south of Gotha, in Thuringia, Germany. It was part of the Buchenwald concentration camp network. The things that Eisenhower saw there were enough to leave the war hardened General shaken and week at the knees. The Nazi’s had declared over 12 million peoples designated by the state to not be human beings, just goop as it were. They then proceeded to euthanize those 12 million people in a assembly line industrialized manner the likes of which resulted in the Nazi’s being designated as the most evil organization in human history. Their hair was used to stuff pillows, their skin to make lampshades their gold filling to fund Hitler’s war machine and their bodies, usually while still alive, were handed over to doctors to experiment on.

All across America Conservatives lament that America has been seemingly overcome by degeneracy and corruption. The morals of the nation have been perverted to the point that America’s founding Fathers not only would not recognize the America of 2015, but would probably have surrendered to the British to prevent from happening. Yet these same Conservative were stunned and outraged when in 2001 the Reverends Jerry Fawell and Pat Robertson had the unmitigated gall to suggest that 9/11 might possibly have happened because God had withdrawn his protection from America.

Since 1970’s Roe v Wade, the abortion industry has murdered 55 million individuals. People who were denied their constitutional right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. People who were denied the Constitutional Right to due process under the Law. People who were executed without the benefit of a Grand Jury indictment, charges ever being filed, a conviction secured, not being sentenced and without a single solitary Appeal ever being filed. They were murdered because they were inconvenient, and like the victims of Nazi Germany, designated by the State as not being human beings. Hitler and his staff must be eating their hearts out right now that they did not think to eliminate their Jewish Problem in the same manner. A mere 12 million Murders and Hitler is designated the most evil man in recorded human history, 55 million murders and you get to call yourself the Defenders of Women’s Rights and Health.

Anyone who thinks that God is protecting or blessing any people or nation that murder 55 million of their most vulnerable and innocent citizens has obviously, through a disturbingly profound ignorance, confused Lucifer, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan with God. When polled a stunning 83 percent of American consider themselves Christian. Planned Parenthood Murderhood, has put the Nazi Concentration Camps to shame with their efficiency and volume. Given the utterly horrific nature of the evil involved here, one can only conclude that the only reason America has not yet met the same fate as the Nazi’s, is because somewhere within that 83 percent that claim to be Christians and those that actually are Christians there must be just enough of those real Christians sprinkled in to pass the “Lot Test”.

Lot of course being the nephew of Abraham that lived in Sodom. When Abraham was negotiating with God in an attempt to save his nephew, he asked the Angels, would God not spare Sodom if there were 10 righteous men there? Sodom and Gomorrah failed the Lot Test rather profoundly, and the Bible records that they were devastated by fire and brimstone falling from the heavens. Obama has for all practical purposes just given Iran 180 billion dollars and full permission to nuke America. Fire and and brimstone falling from the heavens, a nuclear device on a ballistic missile descending along its trajectory from outer-space, meh, perhaps some of you will notice the similarity.

There are 55 million of God’s most precious Children standing before him asking him, “How long Oh God before you avenge us?”.

The Book of Jonah tells of one of Jonah’s campaigns in Nineveh, in this specific example Jonah delivers God’s message, and the people of Nineveh actually repent. A fact which pisses Jonah off rather seriously. He had his sights set on a full on fireworks display, even found himself a great spot outside the city from which to watch the spectacle. By all accounts the people of Nineveh were worshiping the god Moloch. Their worship included a ritual where the first born child was taken straight from the mothers womb to one of Moloch’s temples, where the newborn child was placed on a large bronze statue of Moloch whose outstretched arms and cupped hands descended to just above a roaring fire. The newborn baby would slide down the outstretched arms right into the waiting open hands of Moloch, where it would be burned alive.

Nineveh repented, and God canceled the fast approaching fireworks. The fireworks are fast approaching America, and I can’t help but wonder if God is still counting to see whether America passes the “Lot Test” or not. As there was with Nineveh, their might still be time for America to repent just in case it doesn’t pass the Lot Test, or perhaps its inability to pass the Lot Test means there just aren’t enough people who would even be willing to be saved for America to be able to repent.


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