How to predict the Future.

In the United States of America in 2015, the only thing more corrupt than the Government, is the Mainstream Media. The Media enjoys a special class of protection under the Bill of Rights First Amendment. It was placed there for the specific intention of allowing the Media to be a watchdog over Government corruption. The belief was that an independent Media would expose government corruption thus allowing the American people the ability to take corrective action against said corruption.

Tragically, at some point in the previous century the Media abdicated that role in favor of an activist political role. They began at first to covertly violate one of Journalism’s most sacred laws, “Report the Story, do not become part of the Story”. After Hunter S Thompson so called invention of gonzo Journalism they even abandoned the pretense of the aforesaid law, and began actively and openly projecting their own ideology into each story they produced. In America of 2015, the new law is Agenda Driven Propaganda, not Objective reporting.

This can clearly be seem in literally hundreds of examples ranging from, “File this under: Admitting that they knowingly and willfully lie”. Where the Washington Post openly brags that they knowingly and willfully lie to their readers to advance various political agenda’s to “New York Times Stealth-Edits Clinton Email Story at Her Command Where the New York times changes what they report while trying to conceal those changes from their readers.

The consequences of this change in the American Mainstream Media is far greater than just the advancement of the far left Liberal Media’s agenda, it impacts the Federal Government by creating an environment where political agenda driven corruption is rewarded rather than being prosecuted as it should be. The problem is, that rewarding political agenda driven corruption never ever stops at mere political agenda driven corruption, it opens a door to the widespread and systemic adoption of corruption as a normal aspect of governmental operational procedure.

In short, it becomes the standard operating procedure.

Two Inspectors General at the State Department have requested that the Department of Justice open a criminal probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server after finding reason to believe it was used for transmitting “hundreds of potentially classified e-mails. On the face of it, this sounds like the Government doing exactly what Federal Law requires. The fact that these two Inspectors Generals are even making this request however, tells your straight away just how far down the systemic corruption rabbit-hole we have already fallen.

In an America where the Department of Justice were not a corrupt political tool of the office of the POTUS, upon the public revelation that Hillary Clinton had maintained a private email server through which ANY State Department email traffic was traveled, the Department of Justice would have automatically instigated a criminal investigation. Moreover, upon discovering that Hillary Clinton had destroyed the contents of that server, the DOJ would have instigated Criminal proceeding for the destruction of Federal Government Property without proper authorization and destruction of evidence of Criminal Activity.

Predicting the Future here is painfully easy. It involves, what should have been done and was not, and why it might be done now. The why, is the easiest part, indemnification of Hillary Clinton against Double Jeopardy. In short, the most abjective and abusive form of political agenda driven corruption imaginable.

The what then automatically predicts itself. The Department of InJustice has declared that it has investigated whether Hillary Clinton committed any criminal activities with regard to her use of a legally prohibited private email server, and found no evidence of criminal activity. There it is, as simple as that, the Fox investigated his Sister with regard to accusations that she was eating the Chickens in Farmer Browns Chicken-coop, and found no evidence that she was responsible, despite the obvious evidence of blood and feathers all around her mouth.


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