Is Glenn Beck about to reveal the biggest political and legal scandal in US History?

Radio rodeo clown Glenn Beck is threatening, or promising, depending on what you think of Glenn Beck, to blow the American political power structure to smithereens. He is claiming that a whistle blower has provided him with an incredibly damaging document. A document that according to Beck proves that the Obama Administration used blackmail to influence Chief Justice John Roberts in his decision regarding Obamacare.

Beck is threatening, or promising that he will revel the contents of and the document within the next 24 hours.

Glenn Beck threatens reveal that will take down “the whole power structure”


At the top of his radio broadcast today,Glenn Beck promised that, within the next twenty four hours, hisThe Blaze network will break a story that is going to rock the nation and take down the entire power structure.

Beck refused to elaborate, except to say that an anonymous whistle-blower, whom Beck claims is refusing to come forward out of fear of being killed, had provided him with a one-page document. Beck claimed, however, that “this one document would take down pretty much the whole power structure, pretty much everything.”

I’ve heard Glenn Beck make some outrageous claims in the past that well, amounted to pretty much nothing. Will this be another of Glenn’s infamous “Opening Al Capone’s Vault” moments?

I guess we’ll all just have to stay tuned to find out, though, personally I doubt Beck has what he claims he does.


6 thoughts on “Is Glenn Beck about to reveal the biggest political and legal scandal in US History?

  1. I need to bug you. 🙂 I don’t want to muck up your thread, but I’m hoping you can just nuke this?

    I listened (QoTD) to Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me tonight, I guess for the first time in my life through headphones — there’s a sound in there I want, and I don’t know . . . it’s not really your thing, but as a shot in the dark, I thought I’d ask anyway.

    I um, borrowed the video from YouTube. Played locally, it starts at exactly 0:21 — that hollowed out anvil sound. Man, for my stuff, I could use that all day. And I’m having trouble getting it generated.

    I know — but, if there was any chance of “well, actually, that’s a Stevenson Trinity Synth set on ‘Kate Upton’; I know because I set it” — it’s in asking you, lol 🙂

    Eh, I’ll get it. Or something like it.

    Love that sound.

    • That sound is produced by playing a Strat through a Gallien-Krueger 250 ML and then adding a plate reverb in post production.

      Ok, a little insider base ball here. When you reach a certain level as a professional musician, you quit playing off the rack instruments and amps.

      Everything gets custom hod-rodded, or hand tuned as it were.

      Back in the old days a guy named Scott Lentz used to set up my guitars and Kurt Weisserner used to do my amps.

      Kurt also did Mutt Lange’s G-K 250 ml. The one used for Pour some sugar on me.

      They used the treble pick-up set in half phase. Strats have 3 pick-ups. Treble, mid and bass. The pick-up closest to the fretboard is the treble pick-up.

      They’re single coil pick-ups, but the way they are wired up allows any 2 pick-ups to be set so that either both are full on, one is fully on, or one is fully on while the other is half on.

      In the treble fully on with the mid half on, the mid pick-up is not producing any sound, but its still generating a magnetic field.

      When the pick-ups in the guitar are what are called “Hot wound”, the effect is pretty dramatic.

      Getting that sound digitally is going to be tricky since it was originally generated using custom hod-rodded equipment.

      It also sounds like Mutt might have added a phase shifter and an envelop filter in the post production mix as well.

      I’ve never actually worked with Mutt Lange, but I have worked with a couple of his audio engineer’s. That’s how I ended up having my G-K set up by the same electrical engineer that set up Mutt’s.

      • “Getting that sound digitally is going to be tricky since it was originally generated using custom hod-rodded equipment.”

        I think I can get closer now. I don’t really want to emulate it, anyway, just take the aspects that I like off in my own direction. —But, no wonder I couldn’t work it out. 🙂 I was a thousand miles off. Apparently, I think in keyboards.

        damn. 🙂 —I’m glad I bothered you.

        Thanks, man.

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