A day at the Grill… (Happy Father’s Day)

I like to grill in the summer. I like to grill a lot… Summer is here, and soon, it will be grilling time again. Once it quits raining every weekend…









This is a typical day of grilling for me…

And maybe a bit of this…

Now Happy Fathers Day all you __________r’s


3 thoughts on “A day at the Grill… (Happy Father’s Day)

  1. I gotta take it easy. I pulled a muscle in my back some time ago. It flared up big time and I went to a chiropractor. He said it isn’t the spine, just a muscle injury with a lot of inflammation, rest and ice packs until it eases up. However, some chores still have to be done.

    We gave away our grill, thinking we were moving (which didn’t pan out). So I just made some salmon and cole slaw indoors. Oh well…

    • Hmmm, don’t really know how to respond to that Macker. Without my family I would probably go insane. Which is not to say I have a particularly firm grasp on sanity even with them around to help me.

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