Session 2.

Ok, as some of you know, I am in the process of recording a new album/CD. My first new album/CD since 1996. It will be my fifth. The reasons why it has been so long between albums/Cd’s, are, well complicated to say the least. The working title for the new Cd is currently “You can’t get here from there”. I’m not sure that will be the finished products title, but, its pretty likely.

I’ll be leaving for the studio in just a few minutes and will update this with more information when I get home tonight.

Most of the stuff that will be on this CD can be found in very rough form on my youtube page. Here is an example.


4 thoughts on “Session 2.

  1. Thx for sharing this with me today OW. I liked it.I don’t know the music lingo of “Drum and Scratch guitar track”- I’ll try and share with my BIL, he is a musician and I think he would like this. Have a good time..I’m sure you are. 🙂

    • When you record, each instrument is given its own separate audio track. This way you can make changes to the recording without having to completely rerecord it.

      The Drums go on one track, the guitar on another, the bass yet another, keyboards, vocals and so on.

      A scratch track is a track laid down for the purpose of setting timing and melody/harmony but not one intended as the final track.

      When all of the final tracks are recorded, then they are mixed together each having its own volume and EQ setting and it is called the “Master Mix”.

      Whenever you hear a song off an album/CD, what you are hearing is the final Master mix.

      I hope that explains things to you…

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