Republican Hypocrisy.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched an attack as against California’s incumbent 52nd district Democrat Congressman Scott Peters. The ad is both misleading and hypocritical at the exact same time. It insinuates that Scott Peter’s engaged in illegal stock market activity and made millions of dollars by doing so.

New ad makes surprising claims about Rep. Scott Peters

AN DIEGO – With Election Day just five weeks away, more campaign ads are hitting the airwaves.

One ad that is currently running makes some surprising claims about Democratic Congressman Scott Peters, who is running for re-election in the 52nd Congressional District against Republican challenger Carl DeMaio.

The Civility Project, a panel that grades campaign ads on truth, relevance and fairness or civility, breaks down the ad so you have a better sense of what’s behind it.

In the ad, a narrator says, “Congressman Scott Peters made half a million playing the stock market.”

It doesn’t take long to realize that this anti-Peters ad implies the congressman made a fortune in a very questionable way. So did he?

John Beatty, a member of the Civility Project panel, said, “Truth? No. If you’re offended by millionaires and elected officials being millionaires, that’s who this is aimed at.”

Civility Project panel member Jeff Marston said the ad downright implies criminal activity on the part of Peters.

“All these connect the dots without the use of a pen that probably come across as scary to many voters that’s probably why it was done, but I just considered it outrageous,” Marston said.

Marston said if the implications were true, Peters would be facing a judge, not running for re-election.

On truth, relevance and civility, the panel gives this anti-Peters ad a grade of “F.”

“I see this as the total opposite of civility,” said Beatty.

What Civility Project panel member Jeff Marston point’s out here is absolutely correct, what Scott Peter’s did is not illegal… FOR a Congressman. This is where the Republican Party is putting their hypocrisy on public display. What Scott Peter’s did was perfectly legal for a congressman or senator, however, if you or I did it, it would be legally defined as insider trading. In other words, a felony that would land us in prison for upward of five years and cost us millions of dollars in retributive fines.

John Beatty and Jeff Marston, who by the way are both a couple of assholes and imbeciles, like so many other career politicians consider insider trading a legitimate right of any elected official. Neither John nor Jeff are offended by the Republican Party’s attacking Scott Peter’s, no, they are offended that what Peter’s is being attacked with threatens their right to engage in insider trading.

When the issue of congressional insider trading came up before congress, it was soundly rejected, not just by the Democrats, but by the majority of Republicans as well. What it amounts to is basically this, elected officials believe themselves to be aristocrats who are allowed by law to engage in practices that are illegal for mere citizens, it is their right as aristocrats. In this respect, republicans are no different than democrats. We, the people are their marks to be taken advantage of at their whim and leisure.

I do not want any damned elected official protecting my money in Washington… I want my elected officials to protect my money FROM Washington… John Beatty and Jeff Marston are poster children for corruption hiding behind the mask of civility, pretending not to defend Scott Peters, but civility, when in truth, what they are defending is the right of elected officials to use the violent threat of the Federal Government to steal from average Americans.


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