How completely deranged and dishonest is the left you ask?

Most Americans make the mistake of believing that the political left in America are normal rational people, just like them. The problem is, that it just isn’t the case. The Progressive liberal Marxist Democrat left in America genuinely are suffering from serious and profound mental disorders. In short, they really genuinely are fucking nut’s.

How fucking nut’s you ask? The most eloquent display of their psychosis can be found in their constant accusations that the political right, specifically Tea Party conservatives are the American equivalent of the Taliban or ISIS. You honestly have to be 100 percent certifiably insane to make that suggestion even as a politically motivated joke.

This is ISIS in action, tell me where you have seen this anywhere in America from the right side of the political isle.

So… Where are the mass graves caused by the American Tea Party killing 1500 liberals at a time? Which of America’s river’s are running red with blood as hundreds of bodies of liberal Marxist Democrats float down them?

Yes, if you call someone in America whom you disagree with politically a terrorist, you are clinically insane, absolutely certifiably psychotic and you should be placed in a psychiatric hospital for observation for your own safety as well as fore the safety of society.


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