Tonights episode is titled, Contrasting Insanities

Were Rod Serling still alive we might have opened this like this.

“Tonights episode is titled, Contrasting Insanities.”

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley attempted to chastise American’s opposing illegal immigration with the following statement. “We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death”. It should under no circumstances be forgotten or obfuscated that the primary driving justification by both the Democrat and Republican Parties for “Immigration Reform” is that in order for America to maintain an acceptable employee pool, we need to increase our available worker numbers. This, both party leaderships insist is only possible by increasing our number of immigrants.

Now contrast that logic with the fact that since 1973’s infamous Roe v Wade ruling America has murdered over 50 million of her own children. No, Martin O’Malley is correct, we are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death, clearly we much prefer to kill them right here.

There are approximately 18 million American’s who would like to work, but cannot find work. So obviously the only rational solution is, to import more immigrants to increase to pool of available workers, who already cannot find work. During World War 1 something strange took place. It is commonly known as “The Great Migration”. As nearly half a million American dough-boys went off to fight in Europe, American employers found themselves faced with a worker shortage, as the war was taking place in Europe, the traditional avenue of Immigrate had likewise dried up.

So American employers were forced to consider a existing but ignored source of manpower. The Great Migration refers to the incredibly high number of African Americans who moved from the Southern States to Northern States to provide America’s manufacturing industry with the labor it needed. They flowed into Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit by the millions to work in the Steel and Automotive industries. Today 18 million plus American’s cant find work, and the Republican and Democrat party leaderships solution to that problem, is to increase the number of immigrants by any means conceivable.

We murder our own children by the tens of millions, have tens of millions more who would love to work, if they could find work, our so called leaders insist that we are suffering a catastrophic worker shortage that can only be solved by a massive new wave of immigration.

Contrasting Insanities indeed.


10 thoughts on “Tonights episode is titled, Contrasting Insanities

  1. its not at all clear that a zygote is a “child.”

    killing children…reprehensible.

    killing zygotes…not so clearly an ethical problem.

        • Dehumanizing to justify murder is as old as humanity itself, calling a baby a zygote is nothing less than a pathetic attempt to dehumanize a baby, thus providing a justification for the murder of a baby. The Nazi’s did to this Jew’s, Gypsies, Homosexuals and the mentally or physically challenged. Russian and Chinese communists did it to political dissidents. Muslim extremists do it to anyone not of their particular denomination of Islam.

          Since you have made this argument, there is no assumption regarding your immoral nature, and since you have advocated what is clearly and indisputably a immoral practice, there is likewise no argument. You are a immoral POS by your own declaration.

          • I agree dehumanizing human Beings is Evil And Used To Justify Evil.

            But That Is For Human Beings. Not For Rocks Or Cell Clots. Your Argument Is CIRCULAR Because You Assume A Zygote Is A Human Being And Not A Clot Of Cells.

              • again circular. youre calling it a “conceived human being” because you want it to be a human being. sure, its a conceived something…a biochemical reaction etc…but a “human being?”

                no you have to make a real scientific and legal argument for that.

              • A zygote is not a human being. A zygote is a cell with genetic information that has the potential to grow and develop into a human given the right environment.

                Similarly, a sperm cell and an ovum also have the potential to grow and develop into a human, given the right environment, (eg. Close proximity in the latter environment), which, if followed to the religious fundamentalists’ “logical” conclusion, makes every single menstruation and ejection of sperm (whether through masturbation or urination) the “killing of a human”. It is absurd.

                  • you dont know the difference between your emotionally charged opinion/belief and a rational argument.
                    thats your problem…you cant win your moral war because you cant frame your points rationally.

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