Smoking hot nerd of the Month: Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri Ellsworth (born 1974) is an US entrepreneur and autodidact computer chip designer and inventor. Currently the president of Technical Illusions, she became known in 2004 for creating a complete Commodore 64 system on a chip within a joystick, called C64 Direct-to-TV. That “computer in a joystick” could run 30 video games from the early 1980s, and was a very popular Christmas gift, at peak selling over 70,000 units in a single day via the QVC shopping channel.[1] Ellsworth currently lives in Seattle

Ok, Jeri is smoking hot, and stone cold brilliant. She’s a high school drop out who taught herself electronics and programming. Best of all, she makes youtube video’s where she does stuff that ordinary people just are not suppose to be able to do. Yes, makes integrated circuits in her kitchen. No seriously, makes integrated circuits in her freaking kitchen.

I’m not smart like Jeri, though I wish I was.

A) She’s beautiful, B) she’s brilliant, C) she’s brilliant, and D), did I mention she’s brilliant?

Ok, Jeri has her own youtube channel, you can watch any of her 400 plus video’s. They’re are both amazing and inspiring.

EDIT: Just as an non sequitur, I would ask Jeri to marry me, but damn it, she’s obviously way to damned smart for me… <— Yes this is me weeping at the though of her rejecting of me…


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