Galt’s Gulch…

Kick your feet up, take a load off and speak your mind. There’s beer in the fridge, wine on the rack, and booze behind the3 bar…


80 thoughts on “Galt’s Gulch…

  1. Hey, OW! I need to pick your brain (or any one else’s who may see this). I need good background info sources on forms of government (thinking about comparative analysis of collectivism versus individualism, dependent versus independent, etc.) with emphasis on philosophy of ideology supporting the form of government. My target market for this is a bunch of teenage girls. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I’m on hiatus, if anyone asks, and planning to do a deep dive into writing this series. (I’d rather not have walls come down around me in public. so this is a good time for me to tackle this project)

  2. Oscar, are you just taking tonight (20 Jun, aka Friday) off? Just curious…your smiling face is missed.

  3. I was disappointed that the Headline strategy fell apart so quickly. Bmore says, discipline. Many don’t seem to have the will. Oh well, I’ll be bringing the coffee cart around until I figure out where to land… Cream? Sugar? Bailey’s? Whiskey? Always a fan, Oscar. It is a lovely place.

    • I think that was more miscommunication than anything else. What was said elsewhere was to meet at QOTD as normal. I had thought that comment was on the backside of the previous day’s QOTD, but I’m not finding it right now.

      Anyway, I think there was some confusion on that point.

    • If EVERYONE would just STOP talking to the hagfish, coolrethuglica and others they’d eventually split. But you will never convince williamg and a couple of others to dummy up regarding the trolls. It’s so fuckin’ easy JUST to scroll past and not pay it no nevermind.

      • Hmmm, I wonder about that. Quiet simply, I doubt that the hagfish has the social or intellectual development to take notice of the fact that she was being ignored. She doesn’t post on Hot Air to engage in any mutual exchange of idea’s. She posts there to push her idea’s on other people regardless of what they think of those idea’s.

        In short, she posts at Hot Air, because if she had her own blog/soapbox to pontificate from, she would be the only one there. She’s only there for the free audience.

        • Let me re-phrase: coolrethuglica and Koch-Brain would leave. Personally, I love watching people ATTACK the hagfish. Especially KOOLAID. Many’s the time I pissed in my panties.

          With the hagfish, the old standby applies – If you can’t say something nasty, don’t say anything at all! 😛

  4. OC, for an hour or two, today, I thought I’d hafta call our AC guy … Was only blowing air, not cooled. Then I was inspired to click the breaker OFF, then ON again, and voila !! Man, was hubbly glad it was no longer 82F when he came in !! Hang in there.

  5. One thing I LOVE about my iPad is the ‘zoom to top’ feature. Anyone know of ‘zoom to bottom’ feature ?? (For posting box) ??

  6. It is fricken miserable here. The heat and humidity are really a gross combination, the AC is working overtime today…

  7. (lineholder walks in with pitcher….walks to the Fridge…..put pitcher of Tea inside Fridge)

    For the Southerners 😉

    See y’all later.

  8. This is fun ! The comment that got you banned was repeated at least twice on HA last week …
    with no consequences .
    I mentioned it several times only to have one person say to me ” Darlin’ that was a long time ago “.
    Happy to see some other folks found you too , the ones that get it .
    You don’t waiver , you stay true to yourself and that’s where the value is .
    Welcome them newbies aboard !

    • After reading what has been going on with HA/Gulch, I need a little something in my coffee besides cream:-) Good grief, what a mess.

      Thanks for the Galt’s Gulch D.G.!!

  9. Wow, it is great to see so many of you here. I’m very disappointed with HA, I thoroughly enjoy the comments, more than the article/thread content….I learn so much more from posters than Ed or AP. too many good people are leaving, it is hardly worth viewing lately.

  10. Dorian, you may appreciate this…I’m working on programming a custom tune for my car. I flashed to ECU this evening with a base map and took some data. This is the first time I’ve ever messed with this kind of thing before. It is a bit daunting, but I’ll manage it…or blow my motor lol.

    Gotta finish modding my popcorn popper for roasting coffee sometime this week too. I really need some help with the electrical aspects. The physics for engineers I took at University was great for theory, but approaching this project is pretty daunting too. I don’t want to burn out any more motors!

        • We actually did that for one weekend at Red State. About 40 of us involved in it, I guess. Enough to make a big difference for that site at that time, at least in terms of traffic.

          I can’t say that it had any long-term impact on the mindset of mods or the site operations, though.

    • Lot’s of folks have bee quietly disappearing for a while now K2 is just the most recent. Lancerman, Sparkplug and now K2. They are apparently eliminating us for that Blog.

      • They finally got us all brother. I have a question for you about wordpress. If you have a second email me or private message me at tweety. Thanks B

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