Leonard Susskind get entangled…

Ok… So yesterday I went a BBQ’s with family members… After mucho carne asada and grande cerveza, my relatives informed me that the Hilda Beast was going to be the next President of the United States of America. so, as you can imagine, there was much gnashing of teeth and wailing on my part… mostly because it hurts me to think my brothers are so damned dumb, and also because deep in the pit of my stomach I know they are not, that they just see the Hilda Beast as inevitable, I decided that today was a good day to think about something other than politics…


I give you lecture 4 part 1 of my favorite Physics Professor… Cerveza… oh… wait, my other favorite physics professor… Leonard Susskind… Leonard is probably a bat shiite crazy barking moonbat when it comes to politics, (not that I know this for a fact, I just suspect it since he teaches at Stanford) But when it comes to Quantum Physics, Leonard is a absolute genus’s.

Sometimes you really do have to retreat to some place comfortable, for me, it’s Physics.


One thought on “Leonard Susskind get entangled…

  1. maybe the hildabeast as prez for 8 years would not be a bad thing…..IF…..you are wanting a total collapse of our existing system…years of choas….and “something different, hopefully better, but no guarentees” on the other side. otherways, she’s just another politically entitalled elitest moron who has no more of an idea how the real, working world works than pigs do of how to fly.

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