File this one under: Captain Renault Alert.

One of the most famous movie scenes ever comes from the Humphrey Bogart Movie Casablanca. It has become ubiquitous with feigned shock.

Today’s Captain Renualt moment is brought to you courtesy of former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Ex-Treasury Sec. Geithner: White House told me to lie for Sunday news shows

Prepping whopping lies for Sunday news shows is par for the course for the Obama White House.

In a memoir released Monday, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recounts his view of the financial crisis and how administration officials chose to deal with the public. One telling paragraph, among excerpts published by Politico, shows how seriously President Obama’s political operation takes its responsibility to tell the truth to the American people.

Not surprisingly, they don’t take it that seriously at all. Here’s how Geithner describes the lying process:

“I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn’t contribute to the deficit. It wasn’t a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute. Pfeiffer said the line was a ‘dog whistle’ to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.”

It’s refreshing to hear leftists using “dog whistles” to describe what they’re up to for a change, since it’s a phrase they generally use to accuse Republicans of being secret racists. But it’s disheartening to get such crystal clear evidence of how politically charged White House appearances on Sunday news shows are.

It’s the line of thinking that directed former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to go on five news shows days after the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. outpost in Benghazi and lie about the deaths of four Americans.

Rice’s marching orders were to convince viewers that the havoc that killed an American ambassador and three other men had nothing to do with the Obama administration’s failures.

Geithner was told his job was to convince viewers the Democrat lodestone of Social Security wasn’t a burden on the nation’s deficit.

Both positions are premeditated lies, but at least we know how and why Obama officials are prepped to lie to the American public on Sunday mornings.

The Mainstream Media, aka The Fifth Column Treasonous Media has been so utterly and totally complaisant in advancing the lies, distortion obfuscations and deceptions of the Obamanation Administration that were the Department of Injustice not completely corrupt they would by now no doubt have filed RICO Statute charges against CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post for their nearly unending string of lies that they knowingly and with a full forethought of Malice pushed on the American People.

Is it any wonder that the vast majority of the American people distrust the Mainstream Media?

Poll: Distrust in media hits new high

(CBS News) U.S. distrust of the mass media is at an all-time high, according to a new poll from Gallup, which indicates that six in ten Americans have little or no trust in mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.

The survey, conducted from Sept. 6-9, shows that faith in the media is down in recent years, with 40 percent of Americans saying they have a great deal of or some faith in the media to comprehensively and fairly report the news, and 60 percent expressing the opposite perspective.

According to Gallup, the public has become increasingly negative about the media in election years over time.

Eventually historians will weigh in on the Obama Administration, and the verdict that they render will be noticeably absent of the protective coverage that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has thus far given it. There is no real doubt that when that verdict is finally rendered, it will be, that the Obama Administration was the most corrupt and dishonest presidential administration in American History. What now seems like ridiculously over the top hyperbole will become the iconic description of the Obama Administration, or, as it will no doubt be come to be known to future generations, The Obamanation Administration.


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