Bill Maher meet Irony, Irony, Bill Maher.

On occasion, someone on the political left exposes their hypocrisy in a moment of ironic humor. Bill Maher, who is an open socialists goes on a delicious diatribe where he compares the the new standards of thought crimes to East Germany under Communism.

Andrew Breitbart gets Bill Maher to admit he’s a Socialist

What makes this both hypocritical and ironically humorous is, that now that now, faced with the prospect of living under the very conditions he has spent the last 30 years fighting to bring about, Maher makes it crystal clear that he believes that he is a member of that special class of citizens for whom these new rules of conduct should not apply. Oh, he like all lying douche bags goes to considerable lengths to make it appear that he is taking a stand for everyone’s rights to the privacy ans security guaranteed by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Last week, when President Obama was asked about the Sterling episode, he said, “when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, just let them talk.” But Sterling didn’t advertise. He was bugged…Even at home, we have to talk like a White House press spokesman? … I would listen to a hundred horrific Cliven Bundy rants if that was the price of living in the world where I could also hear interesting and funny people talk without a filter…So let me get this straight: We should concede that there’s no such thing anymore as a private conversation, so therefore remember to ‘lawyer’ everything you say before you say it, and hey, speaking your mind is overrated anyway, so you won’t miss it. Well, I’ll miss it. I’ll miss it a lot … Does anyone really want there to be no place where we can let our hair down and not worry if the bad angel in our head occasionally grabs the mic? … Who wants to live in a world where the only privacy you have is inside your head? That’s what life in East Germany was like. That’s why we fought the Cold War, remember? So we’d never have to live in some awful limbo where you never knew who — even among your friends — was an informer. And now we’re doing it to ourselves. Well, don’t … If I want to sit in the privacy of my living room and say, ‘I think the Little Mermaid is hot and I want to bang her, or I don’t like watching two men kiss, or I think tattoos look terrible on black people, I should be able to. Even if you think that makes me an a–hole. Now, do I really believe those things? I’m not telling you, ’cause you’re not in my living room.”

To Bill Maher I say, STFD and STFU, this is the inevitable consequence of the very political ideology that you have been championing your entire career. No, you absolutely do not get to stand up now and object to the wonderful Marxist Utopia that you personally paid millions of dollars to bring about.


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