Don’t be Evil, my ass…

Google’s internal corporate motto is, “Don’t be Evil”. Anyone who has ever dealt with the pricks at Google, knows that that motto is arrogant narcissist hubris, nothing more. whether this next account is real or fiction, well, that knowledge is above my pay grade, but it does not seem far fetched.

Google AdSense Leak

I am a former Google employee and I am writing this to leak information to the public of what I
witnessed and took part in while being an employee. My position was to deal with AdSense accounts,
more specifically the accounts of publishers (not advertisers). I was employed at Google for a period of
several years in this capacity.

Having signed many documents such as NDA’s and non-competes, there are many repercussions for me,
especially in the form of legal retribution from Google. I have carefully planned this leak to coincide with
certain factors in Google such as waiting for the appropriate employee turn around so that my identity
could not be discovered.

To sum it up for everyone, I took part in what I (and many others) would consider theft of money from
the publishers by Google, and from direct orders of management. There were many AdSense employees
involved, and it spanned many years, and I hear it still is happening today except on a much wider scale.
No one on the outside knows it, if they did, the FBI and possibly IRS would immediately launch an
investigation, because what they are doing is so inherently illegal and they are flying completely under
the radar.

Please read the entire article, it is a fascinating and chilling article, especially if true. On the other hand, something that absolutely is not fiction or speculation, is Google banning Zippy over at WZ from AdSense.

Google Cracks Down On WZ…

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the support, really means a lot. I was pretty damn depressed earlier but my spirits have been lifted. It’s definitely a huge setback for me in the short term but the donations will buy me some time to make it work in the long run. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’ve been using Google ads for years now as the site’s nearly sole source of income. Suddenly I get hit with a policy violation for not having original content, the only problem is according to their vague guidelines this would make almost every news website on the Internet that uses Adsense (and the vast majority do) out of compliance. Hard not to see that I am being unfairly singled out, almost certainly because of my political views. I wouldn’t be surprised if lefty trolls have been reporting us to Adsense, it wouldn’t be the first time.

We’re now left dead in the water until I can find a suitable replacement, if that’s even possible. Google runs the Internet, especially the ad market.

I need everyone to please contact Google, be polite and courteous, and ask them to reverse this decision. If they are coming after me then it’s only a matter of time before other sites are taken down.

Weasel Zipper is a great blog, ok, their a bit goofy over there from time to time, like you know, from 6am to about 9pm, every day… But seriously, Zippy runs a great site, please show your support, not just for Zippy, but for every blogger who is able to earn money off their blog, who is able to keep their blog open by having their add earnings defer the costs of having a blog.


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