David Plouffe; Contemptuous dishonest asshole.

David Plouffe, in what is becoming an all to often official Democrat position is putting on public display an example of just how dishonest the democrat party has become. Their is apparently no lie that these democrats are not willing to tell in order to retain their grip on political power in the United States.

David claims that Benghazi is being driven by a loud delusional minority. No, it is not a loud delusional minority, their is absolutely nothing delusional about an American Ambassador being killed in a terrorist attack that was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning. What happened in Benghazi was at the very least criminal negligence. If the rumors have any substance, that Ambassador Stevens was intended by the Whitehouse to be kidnapped and then traded for Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, then we are talking about the Whitehouse committing a major felony for political reasons. If the rumors that Ambassador Stevens was providing weapons to Al Qaeda to be used in Syria, then the whitehouse is guilty of treason. If the rumors are true that someone in the Whitehouse ordered American troops to stand down and not send a rescue attempt at the request of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, then the Whitehouses actions constitute the most egregious and abominable betrayal of American Military personal conceivable.

Unlike the Nixon Administrations infamous Watergate scandal, Benghazi resulted in 4 American’s dying. The Watergate scandal resulted in Richard Nixon stepping down just hours before Impeachment hearing convened, Impeachment hearings which certainly would have resulted in his being removed from office. Benghazi, where 4 American’s died, is a thousand times worse than the minor misdemeanor burglary that the Watergate scandal was attempting to cover-up. Nobody died in Watergate, Watergate is and should be the standard by which Benghazi is judged.

It wasn’t the minor misdemeanor burglary at Watergate that resulted in Richard Nixon leaving the office of the President of the United States in disgrace, just as it was not a sexual act that caused President Bill Clinton to be Impeached (And Yes, Bill Clinton was Impeached) it was the attempted cover-up, something that apparently not on person at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave seems to understand. At the barest minimum the Obama Administration is guilty of criminal negligence in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

The disgusting and dishonest manner in which the Democrats are attempting to spin the Benghazi scandal as nothing more than a delusional witch-hunt by republicans is a pathetic lie and an attempt to do nothing less than cover up the deaths of 4 American’s whose deaths should never have happened, but in fact did because of actions taken by the Administration of Barack Obama. Barack Obama and the senior members of his Administration absolutely must be held 100 percent fully responsible for those deaths. Furthermore, there absolutely must be a full and open investigation into what transpired in Benghazi to determine if there is any grain of truth to the rumors about the possible attempting kidnapping, and arms smuggling.


2 thoughts on “David Plouffe; Contemptuous dishonest asshole.

  1. I’ve always said that, due to this president’s racial status, it would take something akin to video evidence of his molesting a child to remove him from office prematurely.

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