The greatest trick the Devil ever did, was to make people think he didn’t exist.

The greatest evil to ever befall the human race, has been the political ideology of Marxism. Anyone who advocates for, or is even sympathetic to Marxism or any of it’s derivatives should be lined up against a wall and shot. In the last 100 years, Marxism has been responsible for the deaths of over a billion human beings. By far, the vast majority of those people were totally innocent victims of the foundational ideology of Marxism, that the End justifies the means.

Around the world, wherever Marxism has gained a political advantage, death has followed in numbers that are utterly incomprehensible to the human mind. 30 million under Stalin, 100 million under Mao, millions more under Pol Pot. Half a billion under the Chinese 1 child law. Wherever you look, Marxism has been responsible for death on a scale that is beyond comprehension.

Yet somehow, even though these numbers are public record, Marxism still has it’s utterly insane advocates. Utterly insane because when ever you point out this inconvenient truth to them, their response is always the same. That wasn’t true Marxism, or that was only because the right people didn’t implement it. The truth however is, that it was in fact true Marxism, and it was implemented by the right people.

Marxism is about lying, deceiving and killing in order for those at the top of the Marxist power scheme to gained absolute power. To those with no morals or ethics it is the perfect vehicle to power and wealth, to those with little intellectual prowess it is a great equalizer that allows them to covet their neighbors property.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Russian revolution, the insanity that is Marxism has found itself a new apostle.

Piketty’s new gilded age which isn’t

Progressive hearts are all aflutter this week, riding high on the continued coverage of Thomas Piketty and his new book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” which continues to fly off the virtual shelves at Amazon. To say that Piketty’s basic premise is flawed is probably too much of a compliment. Ed already looked at one of the fundamental assertions last week – that median household income had only risen 3.2% over the past three decades – and found it to be off by a factor of ten.

But there are other, deeper problems with the Piketty model. One of them is the idea that capitalism itself is flawed at its foundation, leading to some new gilded age where a handful of families always gather in and hoard the wealth for generations, leaving others to starve in the cold. Unfortunately, even people like David Brooks have bought into the concept without examining it fully.

Politically, the global wealth tax is utopian, as even Piketty understands. If the left takes it up, they are marching onto a bridge to nowhere. But, in the current mania, it is being embraced.

This is a moment when progressives have found their worldview and their agenda. This move opens up a huge opportunity for the rest of us in the center and on the right. First, acknowledge that the concentration of wealth is a concern with a beefed up inheritance tax.

We should have seen this one coming from day one. The claims regarding the horrors of income inequality had to lead to a call for a not only renewed, but expanded death tax. This, in addition to steep income taxes which Brooks claims Piketty does not support, but in fact, are part and parcel of his plan.

Mr. Piketty urges an 80% tax rate on incomes starting at “$500,000 or $1 million.” This is not to raise money for education or to increase unemployment benefits. Quite the contrary, he does not expect such a tax to bring in much revenue, because its purpose is simply “to put an end to such incomes.” It will also be necessary to impose a 50%-60% tax rate on incomes as low as $200,000 to develop “the meager US social state.” There must be an annual wealth tax as high as 10% on the largest fortunes and a one-time assessment as high as 20% on much lower levels of existing wealth. He breezily assures us that none of this would reduce economic growth, productivity, entrepreneurship or innovation.

Fortunately, Dr. Joyner takes a look at several studies of the Piketty manifesto and finds that the aforementioned allegation of the new gilded age is also a non-starter. He looks at the work done by Heidi Moore, who claims that these rich capitalist families have already long since hogged up all the wealth and nobody can ever catch up.

Except, as even Krugman readily points out, none of this is true! Indeed, most of the super wealthy class in America at least are in the finance sector. Whatever other criticisms might be made of that group, that they inherited their riches is not among them.

The discussion that Piketty and others have made possible, and that Krugman and others have helped popularize, is worth having. But it’s likely to be steered in the direction of the stupid by the likes of The Guardian. That’s a pity.

Thomas Piketty, who as I said at the very beginning of this article, should be lined up against a wall and shot for the good of humanity, is enjoying considerable favor with the batshit insane Fifth Column Treasonous Media. He has put a fresh new Disney World face on an evil that is like a mental cancer. Mr Piketty is not only advocating for a political and economic ideology that does not work, but that is completely incapable of working regardless of who is in charge.

Over the decades, every tenant of the Marxist theory has been proven to be false, not just once, but dozens of times. Which is why Mr Piketty has to repaint it in a brand new coat of blood, err paint, so that ignorant individuals can be deceived by it all over again. The question has been asked time and time again, would it be moral to go back in times and kill Adolph Hitler before he became the Dictator of Nazi Germany, knowing that doing so would prevent World War II? the vast majority would say, yes, absolutely.

The historical record for what happens when Marxists gain power makes Hitler’s little experiment with Genocide against the Jewish people look like a couple of kindergarten kids throwing crayons at each other. So yes, people like Thomas Piketty are not only evil, they are among the most insidiousy evil creatures to walk the face of the earth. They look and sound like normal human beings, but they preach an evil so foul and disgusting that it cannot even be comprehended.

The serial killer Ted Bundy was reputed to be an extremely charming, witty and likeable guy, that is how he was able to murder so many women. But he, like Marxism and anyone who advocates it, was actually a cold blooded sociopath for whom everyone around him was merely an object to be used to fulfill his desires, want’s and needs. To the Marxist, everyone around them is just a means to an end, like Ted Bundy’s victims they were not worthy of living one second longer than they were useful to Mr Bundy, and as history has proven beyond any possible shadow of doubt, likewise to the Marxist.

Lining up, anyone who advocates or is sympathetic to Marxism, against the wall and shooting them, could and in the most morally and ethical sense of the concept, be likened to the surgical removal of a cancerous mass. No person in their right mind would hesitate for even a second to surgically remove a cancerous mass, if doing so would save or prolong their life. Anyone who advocates for or is sympathetic to Marxism should be automatically recognized as a homicidal sociopath, whose continued presence in society can only result in society as a whole becoming sick.


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