Shut Up.

In 2009 Andrew Klavan made a prophetic video, more prophetic perhaps than even Klavan himself realized. Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has learned first hand just how prophetic Andrew Klavan’s words were.


One thought on “Shut Up.

  1. Specifically on the point of Mr. Eich, I saw this start during the campaign for Prop 8 in CA. The LA Times web helpfully linked to the list of donors in favor of the Proposition. When gay activists (are their any other kind?) started harassing people at their homes and workplaces, the smug attitude was the victims had it coming. It was the boldest example yet of the move to force anyone opposed to the social decline in the country or just standing up for traditional values must be pilloried and silenced.

    It has become a movement on the left to intimidate conservatives from expressing themselves politically – in effect eliminating the one constitutional right that undergirds all others. Once I saw this and realized that “campaign donor transparency” would be used as a weapon to disenfranchise conservatives I have opposed it.

    More people need to recognize the long term implications of these actions – and not focus just on the specific instances that achieve newsworthiness.

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