Harry Reid, an even bigger liar than you thought. Caught on video.

Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain… As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough for the Mainstream Media Fifth Column Treasonous Media that the Washington Post was recently caught red handed admitting that they knowingly and with a full forethought of Malice lied to their readers to advance their political agenda.

File this under: Admitting that they knowingly and willfully lie.

Here comes the kicker — Mufson and Eilperin actually responded to Hinderaker, and closed their sophomoric defense with this:

The Powerline article itself, and its tone, is strong evidence that issues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year. That’s why we wrote the piece.

Jonah Goldberg hit the nail on the proverbial head when he commented on the situation:

By this logic any unfair attack posing as reporting is worthwhile when people try to correct the record. Why not just have at it and accuse the Kochs of killing JFK or hiding the Malaysian airplane? The resulting criticism would once again provide “strong evidence that issues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year.”

This whole debacle reminds me of a 2012 post by Greg Sargent, who as I pointed out at the time blogged that even though the Priorities USA Action ad claiming Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death from cancer was false, “the ad dramatizes a larger story about what has happened to the middle class in this country…”

In 2014, many Democrats have made many dishonest statements about the Koch brothers and their involvement in American politics. I look forward to the Post holding Mufson and Eilperin accountable for their damaging contribution to the culture of falsehoods.

Okay, so that was another false statement — I have no doubt these two will continue to make income at the Post for writing dishonest blog posts. But my comment may get a conversation started about media accountability, so by Post blogger logic, it’s a-okay.

Now we have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid caught every bit as red handed in a straight up politically motivated lie.

First we have Harry “the king of Nevada corruption” Reid on video saying this.

Now we have Dirty Harry making this utterly absurd claim…

Some are suggesting that perhaps Harry Reid is suffering from dementia and honestly can’t remember having made the first assertion. I tell you, Harry Reid knows exactly what he said, he also knows that the United States Constitution grants him legal immunity for anything he says so long as it is said from the Senate Floor. In other words, Harry Reid knowingly and willfully with a full and complete forethought of malice, mendaciously lied to the American people. He did so in the full knowledge that because his lie was told from the floor of the senate that nothing what-so-ever could be done to him.

What is happening to Harry Reid, being caught red handed knowingly and willfully lying to the American Public is why Barack Obama is trying so hard to give away control of the internet. The Democrats tried for years to pass legislation that would have allowed them to exercise the same kind of censorship of the internet that China and North Korea routinely use to censor information, views or opinions that reflect badly on their respective Governments. Their efforts have been rejected and rebuffed time and time again.

The Democrat Party has become so utterly and completely corrupt that the only hope they have of retaining control of the United States Government now hinges on them preventing the American Public from recording and sharing information. Information like the two video’s above that shows that they are and have been lying, and that they have done so with the full knowledge that that was what they are doing.

Sadly, the average rank and file member of the Democrat party is every bit as corrupt as their party leadership. should any of them come across this story, they will fall automatically without a single thought or twinge of conscience on, this is just a conspiracy theory and lies financed by the Koch brothers. Like the Democrat party leadership, the only thing that the average democrat cares about, is their party being in control. The end justifies the means and if they have to lie, cheat or kill to retain power, so be it they are 100 percent on board with it.

More important than the compliance of the rank and file democrat, is the co-conspiracy of the Fifth Column Treasonous Media, who will do exactly with this story what they did with the entire vetting Barack Obama or Fast and Furious or Benghazi or IRS or any of the dozen other Obamanation Administration scandal stories, they will poo-poo it, then do everything in their power to bury it.

So… If you are a liberal or a democrat or god forbid a liberal democrat, take a long hard look in the mirror, see what you see, love what you see, embrace what you see. It’s all good, because, in all truth and honesty, all you are capable of seeing, are the lies you want to see, never mind that the rest of the world see’s something completely different, the rest of the world is looking at two video’s, one telling a blatant indisputable lie, and the other claiming that it never happened.


One thought on “Harry Reid, an even bigger liar than you thought. Caught on video.

  1. Dorian, easter of 2012 you posted something so stunning I kept it. You should post it again.


    It begins:

    1. The polarity of life.
    On Easter I am making a strong effort to imitate Christ and understand the sacrifice and be of assistance to other people.
    I am also considering buying my first gun in about 15 years and getting to a firing range.
    Those two concepts are not necessarily contradictory. Since the early 20th Century Marxists have been working diligently to portray Jesus Christ as some kind of pacifist. They having been doing this in order to twist the teaching of Jesus Christ to resemble the teaching of Karl Marx.

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