Been really busy lately.

Fate, circumstances and the economy have plotted against me once again and sent me back to kindergarten. so it looks like I am in the process of learning a new skill-set. Lot’s of toys to learn to use…







Here are a few of them…

Yea, if it looks suspiciously like a machine shop, that’s because it basically is. Custom Engine Building Machine Shop. Perhaps later, should the owner permit it, I will tell everyone the name of the shop.

I will tell you this, the owner is a former NHRA Engine Builder specializing Nitro-Methane and Alcohol Dragster Engines.


5 thoughts on “Been really busy lately.

  1. Oh, so very cool. I would love to build a Chrysler 225 six strong enough to do an Offy manifold and dual carbs to put in an old Valiant or Dart. I just bought a 63 Corvair convertible and would love to build an upgrade hot rod engine for it.

    Only motors I have ever built are 1600 VW engines for old air-cooled Bugs and Buses.

    I wish you great success in your new job. I would be very happy doing it.

  2. As a former drag racer…I’m excited to see what you do with your new hobby or business. Sometimes we need to devote our time (for peace of mind) to other things besides Obama’s bid to be the Messiah! IDEA: Can you fabricate an Iron mask that we could put on him????

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