Hillary Clinton; Queen of the NSA…

In Breaking News that will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to Hillary Clinton over the decades, Hillary has created her own personal NSA to spy on her opponents. (Remember all those FBI files she had while Bill was president?)

Hillary’s Private NSA
Privacy of CPAC attendees, GOP delegates targeted.

Hillary Clinton has her own private NSA.

American Bridge PAC spent last week spying on the private conversations of attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The group also plans to spy on the private lives of GOP delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention wherever the convention is located, but Politico reports ABPAC has issued the following threat if the GOP selects Las Vegas as its host city. American Bridge has set up this website at “SinCityGOP” and announces (bold print supplied):

While the Republican Party debates where to hold the Republican National Convention in 2016, American Bridge is preparing our team of researchers and trackers to capture the action no matter what city they choose.

In making their selection, Republicans would do well to remember that Las Vegas is already the city with the most cameras per capita of anywhere on the planet. What’s another two or three dozen American Bridge trackers added to the mix?

And if the RNC does choose Las Vegas, this is the site for all the action. What happens in Vegas… will go right here.

American Bridge was founded by Clinton ally David Brock and is funded by longtime Clinton supporter and billionaire George Soros. American Bridge PAC president Brad Woodhouse boasted that the group’s “trackers” at CPAC had been “in the hallways capturing conversations and that kind of thing.” Meaning? Meaning Hillary’s American Bridge is about invading privacy. CPAC’s today, someone else’s tomorrow. Yours.

The news of “capturing” private conversations at CPAC follows on the heels of multiple congressional investigations into the Obama-run IRS, which has been using the government to ask Tea Party groups about the contents of their members’ prayers, what books they read, and the contents of private phone calls and media interviews. A second controversy has erupted over the NSA collection of “metadata”—including the phone numbers of all Americans.

The news of Clinton’s high tech spies peering into private conversations at CPAC and set to peer into the private lives of GOP delegates comes as the privacy of American citizens has erupted as a major political issue in both the 2014 and 2016 campaigns.

Recently Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky announced the filing of a class-action suit over NSA surveillance. Last week Paul, one of the nation’s most passionate defenders of the Fourth Amendment, told the attendees of CPAC that “what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business.” Paul was greeted with a roar of approval from the youthful audience, later winning the CPAC presidential straw poll. Ironically, even as Paul was speaking at CPAC, Clinton literally had spies in CPAC’s midst eavesdropping on private conversations.

Reports Politico of Brock, Soros, Hillary and company, with bold print supplied:

EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas is one of the RNC’s finalists for the 2016 convention, and plenty of Republicans are calling it the favorite, based on the hope that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson would contribute generously, obviating the financial worries that plague most host committees. But Playbook has learned that American Bridge, the Democratic tracking and opposition research outfit founded by David Brock and run by Brad Woodhouse, plans to devote up to three dozen trackers with video cameras to Sin City if the GOP picks it. American Bridge has committed to deploy what a source called a “tracking operation on steroids” to cover the plethora of venues sure to attract Republican politicians and operatives.

Per a Democratic source: “American Bridge’s plans would scatter trackers with video cameras from one end of the Strip to the other and would include a rapid response war room in the city to turn the footage into instant products — even potentially television ads — exposing whatever activities and hypocricies (sic) they catch on film. … American Bridge’s efforts … would be looking to capture everything from the late night carousing of politicians to simply filming candidates who claim to be the bastion of family values entering and exiting bars and casinos.”

Catch that? Any “late night carousing” of those “entering and exiting bars and casinos” will have their privacy targeted by Clinton’s group.

Clinton’s American Bridge PAC, operated by ally David Brock, has been funded by Soros, as reported here:

American Bridge received $1 million from the Soros Fund Management firm during the 2012 election cycle and funding from individual donors and labor unions.

The group has been transformed from an ordinary political action committee into the political version of the NSA, its staffers working out of a room littered with computer monitors that will flash the latest privacy invasion for dissemination.

All of this in the name of electing Hillary Clinton president—where Clinton would be in charge of the IRS, the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA.

Match this intention of Hillary’s allies spying on GOP delegates at a presumed Las Vegas GOP convention with the revelations of NSA spying on foreign leaders while she was secretary of state, as discussed here by ex-Clinton aide Dick Morris, bold print supplied:

We … know this about Clinton: the record shows that she’s been interested in personal information about foreign leaders in the past.

The 2010 WikiLeaks included a cable sent to our embassy in Buenos Aires seeking highly personal details about Argentine President Christina Fernández, including questions about her medications, her daily time with her husband, her method of dealing with stress and, specifically, “how do [her] emotions affect her decision-making and how does she calm down when distressed?” …

This kind of intrusive tactic is nothing new for Clinton. Remember that during the 1992 presidential campaign, she approved hiring private detectives (paid with campaign funds) to amass compromising information on women who claimed to have been sexually involved with her husband.

Suddenly, reports surfaced of abortions, bankruptcies, messy divorces and high school and college misconduct in the lives of women who got in her husband’s way. The detectives she hired — who we’ve called the “secret police” — were doing their work. And the women went away.

In view of Clinton’s historical affinity for personal surveillance and the evidence that it continues, we’re entitled to answers about how this possible future president of the United States was involved in the decision to compromise our relations with some of our most important allies.

Perhaps carelessly, ABC News was invited into American Bridge headquarters where Hillary’s spies openly bragged about what they were doing. The headline?

Scenes From a War Room: Spying on GOP With Top Oppo Hitmen

It is no coincidence that David Brock is involved in this high-tech KGB-style operation. And speaking of the KGB, the Economist reports that Ukrainian “officers (have been) blackmailed with threats” if they don’t cooperate with Vladimir Putin.

Note that in this same KGB style, it was reported awhile back in the Daily Caller that an internal memo from Brock’s Media Matters called for the hiring of private investigators to “look into the personal lives of Fox employees.” The memo from one Karl Frisch read in part:

We should hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News anchors, hosts, reporters, prominent contributors, senior network and corporate staff.

This is, of course, the 21st-century high-tech version of the Clinton strategy that was followed back in 1992. As described by former Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff in his 1999 book on the Clinton scandals, Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter’s Story, the Clinton campaign used private investigator Jack Palladino, whose task in spying on various Bill Clinton paramours was “gathering information that would raise questions about their credibility or mental stability.” Precisely the self-promoted task of American Bridge.

Wrote Isikoff of the Clinton investigations of women:

The payments to Palladino came from campaign funds, which were federally subsidized. Equally important, they were being laundered: the initial payments, totaling $28,000, were made to a Denver law firm, which in turn passed the money to Palladino’s agency in San Francisco….The total Clinton campaign funds disbursed to Palladino had exceeded $100,000.

Now? This newest high-tech group of Hillary’s spies has been funded by George Soros.

There has been an attempt to dismiss the old stories swirling around the Clintons as irrelevant to Mrs. Clinton’s presumed 2016 presidential campaign. Not long ago, after Senator Paul raised the issue of Bill Clinton’s conduct, former governor Mitt Romney was on television saying that Bill’s past behavior was not all that important. Others joined the chorus. In reply, The American Spectator’s own R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. wrote the following:

My answer to Mr. Romney’s advice offered on “Meet the Press” Sunday is that everyone running for high office has a past that is relevant to the present. Hillary’s past is, if the press does its job, inescapable.

Bob Tyrrell, whose experience with the shadowy machinations of the Clintons is legendary, has gotten this right.

On top of Hillary’s past, there is something distinctly new on the political scene. That would be the advent of spying on private citizens—using the IRS and the NSA—as a serious political issue. Whatever one thinks of Edward Snowden, it is indisputable that Snowden’s actions in revealing the actions of the NSA launched a firestorm over the issue of privacy.

And one of the main groups affected by all this politically is Millennials, or Generation Y.

Which is why Mrs. Clinton delivered a speech a few days back that specifically targeted Generation Y. Said Clinton, in part, as headlined and written in National Journal:

Hillary Clinton’s Love Letter to Millennials

We need you. We need your energy. We need your talents. We need your commitment to participation,” Clinton continued. “We cannot let the millennial generation become a lost generation.”

The former first lady will need young people, too, if she runs for president in 2016. The demographic helped Barack Obama upset Clinton in 2008, and then propel him to the White House twice. In Iowa, young caucus-goers liked Obama over the next-closest competitor by a margin of more than 4-to-1, according to one survey. The margin was smaller in other states, but still significant.

The Queen of Filegate has learn her lessons well, dig up the dirt to destroy your opponents, and then destroy them. David N. Bossie wrote a book that should not be ignored by anyone opposing Hillary Clinton, it documents what she has done, what her methods of operation are, and what she is willing to do to remain in power.

Hillary: The Politics of Personal Destruction

It’s not a stretch to say that more has been written about Hillary, pro and con, than probably any other living American politician. So in the build-up to the 2008 presidential election, what is not needed is just another book about Candidate Hillary. Fortunately, this expose is much more-a hybrid product that includes not only cutting-edge reporting, revealing facts and fictions about the junior senator from New York, but does it in a dual book-and-movie format. David N. Bossie, former chief investigator for the US House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, reveals all the must-know details about Hillary’s life and career, exposing the truth about her conflicts in the past and her liberal plot for the future. Bossie has previously produced such acclaimed documentaries as Border War(www.borderwarmovie.com).


3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton; Queen of the NSA…

  1. If this is the quality of people Soros is paying, I’m not too worried. David Brock is demonstrably mentally unstable if not outright ill. Woodhouse is an arsonist and routinely uses such over the top language, no one listens to him. They are both ugly people, but I don’t think either has been terribly effective in the past and I don’t expect them to be in the future.

    Soros appears to have exercised the same quality of judgement here as he has with his girlfriends

      • Could be. Could be mutual. But I don’t think she’s dumb enough to use someone like David Brook. He really is a loose cannon.

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