Mourning the passing of a true legend. Paco de Lucia 1948 – 2014.

While I was in college I had the great fortune of meeting a young man named Micheal Murphy, Micheal was a Flamenco guitarist who had gone to Spain and studied under Paco de Lucia. Micheal, perhaps more than anyone changed the way I not only played guitar, but looked at music in general. Micheal, you see, was not only a student of Paco de Lucia, but also a huge fan the the rock group Kiss. It was not until Micheal challenged me to preform the same critical analysis of Kiss’s music that I was doing on Mozart and Bach that I liked or cared for Kiss.

As you can imagine, Micheal, being a talented enough guitarist to win a highly coveted slot as one of Paco de Lucia, was an amazing guitarist in his own right. Micheal loved heavy metal almost as much as Flamenco, and made an arrangement with me. He would teach me things that he had learned from Paco, if I would teach him what I knew about hard rock/heavy metal. I was never the talent or the student that Micheal was, though Micheal did instill in me a profound respect and love for his former teacher.

The world has lost a genuine legend in Paco de Lucia’s passing.

Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola


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